Monday, February 11, 2008

MPS Results: Looking (at) Glass

Last week for the Monday Photo Shoot, I asked folks to show us pictures of something made of glass. Four people responded with the following:

Julie: Memorabilia from the old Dr Pepper HQ in Dallas, with an explanation of its significance.

Carly: A face in a window.

Martha: "Pink Champagne" bottles. A lot of them!

Kiva: One Gibraltar Crystal wine glass, and the story of why we can't see a second one.

Laura: a glass-doored hutch from IKEA, filled with glassware - and a Simpsons cup.

Thanks, folks! A new MPS topic is coming up shortly.

Oh, by the way: the photos here are of a vintage midcentury vase we've had for years at the Museum of the Weird. In the photo on the right I've tried to light it with my sonic screwdriver.



Martha said...

Beautiful vase Karen, I like the second shot best :-)

Laura said...

I'm glad I posted those - I almost didn't because I figured it was too late to matter! I really enjoying doing these photo shoots, even if sometimes I don't post on time. Thanks for taking the time and effort to organize these.