Sunday, February 24, 2008

Monday Photo Shoot Results: Are We Relaxed Yet?

Last week I asked you to show us something relaxing. Here's what people came up with to relax us:

Martha takes us down some steps to a beach under an orange ribbon of sky.

takes us up above the clouds.

Becky takes us down to a pool in Kauai, steps away from the peaceful Pacific.

Greg shows us a lifeguard station on a beach at sunrise.

Patty shows us a snoozing boy and a mountainside under a gorgeous red sky.

Hope shows us a very relaxed grandbaby, lounging in a well-supervised wading pool.

Laura shows us the results of some backyard birding.

Kiva gathers all the necessary elements for a good read, and unknowingly anticipates the next Round Robin topic. Seriously, while I was posting the announcement for that, she was posting this!

Very nice work, everyone, and very relaxing! Thanks to all, including this week's newbies! The new Monday Photo Shoot Topic will be posted in the next half hour or so.


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