Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Safeway Sunset and Scheduling Sleep

Okay, I'm posting way early tonight on purpose. I'm driving to L.A by myself in the block of time between 10 PM and 3 PM tomorrow night and Friday, which when you subtract out packing, eating and the eight hour drive itself should give me time to get a good seven hours of sleep, in bed, on the road or some of each. But I know how things "gang aft agley," so it's vitally important that I stock up on sleep tonight.

It's been an odd evening. I left work in time for an exceptionally nice sunset from the parking lot, and caught the dregs of it at Safeway. All the shots I took, and I find that as usual the shot with a silhouetted car is the evocative one.

In chatting with me about Steve Gerber tonight, John came up with a completely unsolicited comment about my non-fiction writing (mostly here) that meant a lot to me. Later we quarreled over practically nothing, as couples do. I came to the conclusion it wasn't about the nominal topic of discussion at all. It was because I'm driving to L.A. by myself and he's worried about me driving alone and doesn't want me to go. But I've made the drive before, and the only bad thing that ever happened was when my old Capri's transmission decided to stop working halfway across Southern California back in 1992. This time I'm renting a car (at a really good rate!), so that's not an issue. And of course I drove much further than this on my own two years ago when I went to Sedona and Los Alamos, and explored a little in western NM on the way back.

Tomorrow night I'm wrapping up the Weekend Assignment early, so if you're going to write a love story entry please try to get it in by 7 PM MST. See you then! Or not, since I hope you'll be celebrating Valentine's Day with your beloved, not with me.

Now I'm off to maximize my chances of a good night's sleep. Benedryl, check. Warm bath, check. Ear plugs, check. Wish me luck!


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barrettmanor said...

Have a good trip.

Wish I could go. One year, perhaps...