Monday, August 13, 2007

A Quick Note Before Bed

Not much to report tonight, and I don't want to take the time anyway, losing more sleep to craft some long rant or photo essay. I mostly just have a few updates for you:

1. So That's "What!"

My friend Kevin told me today that someone told him that a section of roof had blown off my neighborhood Taco Bell. That's why they suddenly tore down a store that had been doing decent business.

2. Reporting as ordered.

Largely on Scalzi's recommendation in Whatever, I went to see Stardust today. I give it a B+. Good actors (De Niro was especially fun to watch, and the relative unknown in the lead role was delightfully Brendan Fraserish), likable characters and amusing moments, but somehow it didn't quite have the oomph for me.

3. Harry Potter in Italy

An acquaintance at church, a writer, told me today about his recent Harry Potterised vacation in Italy. He was staying in a medieval house in Tuscany with his wife and daughter, and they had nothing better to do at night than read the last Harry Potter book aloud to each other. Sounds like fun, especially in a house that, in his words, "looked like it would fit right in at Hogsmeade." He also reported seeing the English version of the book for sale in a number of stores, and one or more people reading it wherever he went. Neat! Personally, i just finished rereading the third book in the series.

4. No, I haven't forgotten. Not when I've just finished editing two chapters from Another Mâvarin (Chapters Three and Four, or Fourteen and Fifteen in the trilogy as a whole). My main issue with it at the moment is that four years ago at least, I moved a key scene from Chapter 19 or later all the way to Chapter Fourteen, causing serious continuity issues. I thought it made more sense for Lorsuma to start messing with Carli a few days earlier than previously established, but it doesn't seem worth all the collateral damage to the storyline. I think I'm going to give a plausible reason to delay her actions back to the later chapter.

And yes, I'll mail the package, and no, I really didn't have what I needed to mail it yesterday.

Good night!


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