Thursday, August 30, 2007

More of the Same

First, some pictures. Then some words, but not many. Then bed.

The Flamingo Hotel in downtown Tucson, clearly a relic
of the 1950s or thereabouts. The sign out front attempts
to capitalize on Tucson's past by advertising an

Mount Lemmon as seen from the Aviation Highway on ramp

Sunset at the usual place

Sunset in the rear view

Another Safeway Sunset

Each day at my new job is better than the last. I even managed a few conversations at the end of the day today with co-workers whose names I still need to learn. I am very, very lucky to have landed in such a great job, so soon after the FMFC implosion. On that front, the bankruptcy judge was less than sympathetic today about payroll for ex-employees. If I ever get my last paycheck, it may well only be in the form of pennies on the dollar. Meanwhile the judge scolded the company for keeping all of their lawyers and the maintenance crew for the two company planes on staff.

At home tonight I finished going through Chapter 24 of the Mages trilogy (the new Chapter 13 of Another Mâvarin), and found my stopping point for the second volume, about two thirds of the way through the chapter. What the heck; the chapter was too long anyway. So I moved about seven pages into the first chapter of Return to Mâvarin. Funny thing. My word count is suddenly about seven pages shorter, and yet I just checked older versions of those chapters and together they aren't more than a page longer than the new ones. Eh. As long as I didn't cut a scene and then forget to paste it anywhere, we're golden.


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Astaryth said...

I'm so glad that the new job is working out so well! I've been told that sometimes things happen that seem like they are bad, but they open us up to a -better- opportunity that we might not have seen if the bad thing hadn't happened!

I'm mostly a lurker, but since I was making a comment, I want to add this: I really enjoy the talk of how you are working on your books and how they are going. I am very excited that soon I will be able to tell people I 'know' two great -published- writers!