Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Here Comes the Rain Again

The high school side of the wash on Calle Betelgeux

Every time I think the monsoon is winding down, it proves it's not done yet with another storm - or at least an attempt at one, in town or otherwise. It rained a bit this afternoon, and when I went out this evening to buy a couple of BMTs from Subway, I was curious what the wash behind the school would look like. I had intended to go to the Subway near the Safeway, not the one near the high school; but I found myself heading for Calle Betelgeux anyway. I decided to go for it, and I'm glad I did. There was indeed a fair amount of water, not the most this summer but enough to be worth a few pictures.

The water flowing in the foreground is on Calle Betelgeux itself.

The two sides of the road have very different views of this wash, as you can see above. The north side is mostly a culvert, crossed by a blue steel bridge. The south side is more of an arroyo in its natural state. It retains water better than its concrete counterpart, and supports a nice little riparian habitat. Well, almost. It probably doesn't count as riparian if the water is intermittent and seasonal. Still, it's pretty lush, especially during the monsoon.

I've edited two more chapters of Another Mâvarin tonight, which is good because I have church tomorrow night (I'm scheduled to be crucifer for the Feast of St. Mary the Virgin) and will therefore get a late start on my evening's editing and rewriting. I wrote an entire short scene to fix yet another timing issue, smoothed over some minor continuity stuff, and in general had a wonderful time. I'm loving this! But now I have to post to the church news blog and go to bed. Good night!


P.S. I forgot to mention that there was a thunderstorm tonight as I was working on Mages. Tuffy was all insecure as usual, pawing at me and my chair and the box under my desk, but unable to communicate just what it is she thinks I can do to stop the scary thunder noises. She's dozing beside me now, but she'll move in a hurry when I get up to go to bed.

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