Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Those famous colors

Your Monday Photo Shoot: Show us a picture that is predominantly, or has as its focus, the colors red, white and blue. You can mix and match these as you'd like - it doesn't have to be flags, or patriotic stuff (though there's no problem with that if you want it). Just have red, white and blue an important part of the picture.

I'm trying to rush to bed, so this will be light on words again. I'll do better tomorrow.

Sunday sunset. Yes, I adjusted the colors a bit.

Barbie Millicent Roberts and her red-haired friend, Midge

Remco's Spunky. I dressed the doll this way years ago.

Tableware and Trident gum

1950s version: turquoise and salmon

Yes, today went well, but I was very tired, having been too wound up to get much sleep last night. Tell you more tomorrow. Not much more, but some.


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ColleenG said...

Hi Karen,
Fell across your blog last night(midnight in Aus), interesting, I have to ask, why does Tuffy have a blueish tongue? Is she part Chow Chow or had she just been eating something that coloured her tongue when the photo was taken?