Thursday, August 23, 2007

Probably Best Not To Do This For Real

Weekend Assignment #180: Go to this bumper sticker generator, and create a bumper sticker. Then post it in your journal. The generator page gives you a number of options to play with, so you should be able to have fun with it. Naturally, keep it reasonably clean; I have to link to it, after all.

Extra Credit: How many bumper stickers does your car have in real life?

There are a lot of fantasy stories being made into films.
Why not mine? 'Course, I have to sell the book first.

I was actually a little disappointed with the options on this image generator, specifically the any-color-as-long-as-it's-black palette, the paucity of graphics and the fact that you can't center a one or two-line message. So, with my usual propensity toward overkill, I've generated five stickers...

Never cut off a tengrem in traffic. He'll rip up your upholstery.

This one has an extremely short shelf life, I hope!

...customized them in PhotoStudio....

Real car, real license plate, fake stickers.

....and virtually placed four of them on a two year old picture of my car.

Would I put these on my car for real? I might do the tengrem one, once the books are published. I wouldn't do the First Magnus-related ones, though. Although I personally seem to be benefiting from the layoff (I may be choosing between two job offers tomorrow at more money than before), it would be extremely churlish to flaunt my success in a city where hundreds of my former co-workers are scrambling to find work.

I mean this most sincerely!

Also, the slogans above are rather ambiguous. Am I burying FMFC, or praising it? The truth is that I'm grateful for the 27 months of experience I got there, the people I met, and the fact that I got a $2,000 cashier's check in the mail today as a tax-free "gift" from Mr. Jaggi, the Sullivans et al., which they paid basically out of their own pockets. There may well have been mistakes made, but overall I think this was something that could not have been fully foreseen or entirely prevented, even if 99% of all FMFC loans had been 30-year FHA ones and the like. Heck, nobody else's loans were all conventional, either. They will be now.

As for my existing bumper stickers in the real world, you can probably guess from the photo that I have none.* For a while I had a "Jesus was a refugee" sticker propped up but not attached in the back window of one of my cars, but that was probably in the late 1990s. I think I once had a Diamondbacks or Arizona Fall League sticker on the New Yorker, or maybe the Saturn, I forget which. And back in the early 1990s, I had at least one Project Quantum Leap sticker on the Capri. But the Eagle has no stickers, and it will probably stay that way. Instead I have my vanity plate, MAVARIN (of course!), and a faded license plate holder that says


Someday the books will come out, and some people who don't read this blog will finally know what that means.


*Turns out this isn't true. I happened to notice over the weekend that I do have one these days, "Humanitarian Aid Is Never a Crime." Forgot about that one.

P.S. Now to see whether my counter has topped 20,000 yet. The BlogPatrol one I use only counts a given IP once per day, so it doesn't rack up as quickly as the AOL ones. And sometimes it doesn't load at all. Still, I choose to celebrate this little milestone with a momentary "Yay!" Thanks for reading this, folks! I'm glad you stopped by!

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