Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Tree Was My Co-Pilot

Note: I've been trying to upload the same five photos, one way for another, for well, about two hours. If it doesn't work this time I'm going the heck to bed. In the morning I'll try to finish this. See you then! (Update: I think I've got it fixed now - 9:15 AM.)

Your Monday Photo Shoot: Show off your Christmas tree and/or Menorah and/or other seasonally appropriate holiday centerpiece. So if you celebrate the Solstice or commemorate Kwanzaa, or, heck, just plain like them all, you're covered. We're focusing on this year's decorations, so recent pictures are preferred. But if you haven't gotten all set up yet, you can reach back in your archives.

Oh, the things I do for you folks! Okay, it's really for me, but you know what I mean.

As you may have guessed, we still haven't dug out the decorations, for reasons too depressing (an earlier typo here: repressing) to mention. So I went out tonight to Walgreen's, partly in hope of getting fruitcake in a gold-colored tin, and partly to take pictures of mini trees for sale.

Here's what I found, at least as far as live trees went. And no, they didn't have the fruitcake.

So I went on to Safeway, because I knew they had some cool little trees and tree-like objects. Look! They had a tree made out of trees...

...and little forests of little trees...

...and rows of tres moderne treelike objects.

Now I'll admit I have a bit of a mania for real trees at Christmas, despite my genuine affection for our vintage silver one. So I selected one of these little, living trees and headed for the register.

And here is the second-weirdest tree picture you're likely to see today: Tree (full name: Ms. Perpetua Verdant Tree-ee) posing in front of the Safeway.

Now for the title photo, and the reason I called the previous shot the second-weirdest one. I strapped Ms. Tree-ee into the passenger's seat for the drive home. Her basic driving advice is pretty sound: "Watch out for that Tree-ee!"

She's still in the car now, although I'll need to redo the seat belt in the morning. She's going to keep my cubicle plant company until Christmas Eve, and then come home with me.


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