Saturday, December 16, 2006

Busy, Busy

No, I mean it. Here's how my schedule for this weekend is looking right now:

8:15 AM - pick up T.S.
8:30 AM - Low Mass
9:00 AM - Post-Confirmation Class (I think we're getting free stuff)
10:00 AM - shopping with T.S.
12:00 Noon - donate blood (second attempt in two weeks)
1:00 PM - Lunch
2:00 PM - Toys for Tots shopping with John
5:00 PM - Dress up and all that
6:30 PM - Drive to a Foothills resort
7:00 PM - Try to find someone I know at the company Year End Celebration and make conversation without being dependent or getting sick from the stress
8:00 PM - Dinner at the party, preferably this time not seated at a table of total strangers
10:00 PM - Duck out and go home before people I like and respect are totally blotto.

9:20 AM - Pick up Kevin and possibly Eva
9:45 AM - Check in at the sacristy and see whether I'm serving as crucifer
10:00 AM - Mass
12:00 Noon - Coffee hour, and take people home (or to other destinations)
2:00 PM - Take my pagan friend shopping for a Christmas tree
5:00 PM - Cleaning? Maybe. But definitely some computer time too, and possibly The Lost Room. And grocery shopping. And dinner. And working on the church directory.

Ack! All this being the case, I really should go to bed now.

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DesLily said...

remember to take a nap somewhere in all of that!

love the picture of Tuffy! lol

Barbara said...

I am tired just reading your schedule.

Paul said...

My wife and I caught some of that Lost Room mini series. We missed the first night, so we didn't catch a lot of the set up, but it sure looked like a cool premise.

julie said...

Aww. Tuffy's so cute!