Monday, December 18, 2006

clean spaces, and toys for tots and others

See this counter? A day ago, the answer would have been "Not much of it, no," even if you were standing in our kitchen at the time. But my Sunday appointment with my friend fell through, so John and I spent the afternoon sorting mail and other papers, half of which were on this counter. It still needs a good scrubbing, but it's already much improved.

John also put away the to-be-dubbed videotapes that were in front of this fireplace. Me, I did dishes and put away a bunch of clothes. I can't show you that because they were on the bed, and I didn't photograph them while they were there. Now John is in that bed, asleep, which is where I hope to be shortly.

In my hurry last night, I didn't talk about yesterday's shopping trips. I tried on about 20 pieces of clothing yesterday, including a $150 pinstriped suit, before ending up with the gold shirt and black slacks. At the party I got food on the new shirt three times, which won't surprise John at all. The main culprit was appetizers of lamb ribs with a mint dip. Each time, I went down the hall to clean it up.

After our recent discussion of tech toys, I had to get a shot of the robot pets at Toys R Us when John and I went on our annual Toys for Tots shopping spree Saturday afternoon. Problem was, there was nothing in a medium price range. It jumped straight from $12.99 to $49.99. Also the $50 robodog was pink.

I did find a remote control dragon, though, and John found Quick Draw McGraw as El Kabong. We're definitely keeping that one. We got the usual Hot Wheels cars and a few balls for the kidlets, and got the heck out of there. Why did we leave, with the cart still so empty? Simple:

The place was horrendously busy. It was almost impossible to stop, because it would mean blocking traffic, and impossible to keep moving, because traffic was blocking us in turn. So we completed our shopping at Target with a few Barbies and I-forget-what-else.

I still don't know whether I'm actually sick, but I seem to be at least on the edge of it. Going to bed now.


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Barbara said...

Looks like you both got a lot of work done. Way to go. I am terrible about dropping stuff on my shirts. I do hope that you are not getting sick and will be feeling 100% soon.