Thursday, December 28, 2006

20 Years Gone - part two

This is a continuation of last night's Round Robin Photo Challenge. It's mostly going to be rerun photos, but you'll get the idea.

House and yard
1986: Adobe style brick, dirt yard in back fronting on desert, western foothills, no fence

The back yard on Grannen Rd.

2006: Brick, scraggly grass and weeds in yard, view blocked by fence overlooking alley, city neighborhood

Education 1986:Former English and Film major, four incompletes short of B.A.

2006: BSB in Business/Accounting, 2004, really should study for CPA exam but I'm not

1986: None - trying to write for a living. That was about to end, though.

2006: Accountant, Unnamed Largish Company
1986: None - driving a Honda Elite 250 scooter

2006: 1994 Eagle Vision

Times at Walt Disney World

1986: Not sure - about seven

2006: 1986 total plus one day visit circa 1989
Times at Disneyland
1986: Once, maybe twice

2006: Not sure, about seven or eight

Immediate Family
1986: Husband John, dog Jenny, no kids, no cats

Jenny in a rare Arizona snow, circa 1987.

2006: Husband John, dog Tuffy, no kids, no cats

TuffyTuffy, 2006
Writing Projects
1986: Critters: Animals of the Sonoran Desert, mostly just notes

Route 66: On the Road with Tod & Buz & Linc, interviews conducted, some text written

Maharis and meMaharis and me

The Tengrim Sword, stalled and neglected

2006: Heirs of Mâvarin, in submission

Mages of Mâvarin
, neglected but almost done

Mages pages
Wikipedia and blogging


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deslily said...

Time flies doesn't it?!..
neat group of pictures.... you can tell your life story in photos, no words necessary! (not a good thought for a writer though huh?!.. ok, I take it back!)

Bea said...

An interesting twenty years, Karen. I don't have enough photos in digital format to tell such a comparison story, but even without a scanner, I could probably tackle photogrpahing them with my digital. I might do that someday. Thanks for coming by and leaving a comment recently. BTW, have you heard from the editors about Heirs of Mavarin? If you've written about it recently, I haven't been reading all the entries due to life! But I do get here from time to time. Happy New Year! Bea