Thursday, December 21, 2006

17 1/2 hours later

I got to work a little late this morning, perhaps ten minutes after 9 AM. When I started across the parking lot, having parked "beyond the berm" again, I noticed that there was snow on one section of the Catalinas. Cool! After yesterday's clouds and last night's sub-freeing temperatures, I half-expected it.

I'll admit to you right now that I goofed off a little bit when I got to work, but I've more than made up for it since then. Lunch was a food machine Phillie and a squishyburger from the vending machines downstairs. I finished actually working, more or less, around 12:30 AM, paid some bills online, wrote my boss an email informing her I won't be in until 10 AM, and finally left the premises a little after 1 AM - 16 hours after I arrived.

After that I bought Spaghetti-Os at the 7-11 because Safeway was already closed, and because I had leftover "real" spaghetti from Tuesday night that needed extending. Make that "had had" leftover spaghetti. Turns out John ate it for dinner. Poor John - I called at 7 PM and said I'd be another hour or so. When I got home at 1:20 AM, he was in the kitchen, getting ready to call and make sure I wasn't dead in a ditch. He gets up at 4 or 5 AM, so I've really thrown him off tonight.

Now I have to set up a download of some sermons and go the heck to bed. Good night!

2:44 AM

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