Saturday, December 30, 2006

Snow, at a Distance

After a rather pleasant evening (we had dinner at Mamma Louisa's, and later I found a great Peanuts FAQ), this past half hour or so I've been in significant pain over the constipation and cramping I've had since Christmas night. So I'm going to show you some pictures from today, make a quick surmise about snow in Tucson, and get out of my cold office into a warm tub (and, not to put too fine a point on it, the bathroom generally).

This was the scene this morning when I arrived at the main parking lot at work. Every bit of the Catalina Mountains was white or almost white: white with snow, and white with clouds. There was so much glare from all that whiteness that I've had to darken this photo considerably so that you can see anything.

Another shot from this morning, again darkened. Were it not for the palm tree, wouldn't you think it was Denver?

It's been cold off and on the last few weeks here in Tucson, and we had an impressive amount of rain over the last several days, the statistics on which I'm not going to look up for you now. But it rained all night a couple of days ago, and much of the next day. This is the aftermath.

By the time I left work at twilight, the clouds were lifting. I was almost the last person out. The parking lot held a few puddles from the latest rain.

Sadly, much of the most obvious snow was gone from the mountains. But it was still a pretty dramatic view.

When we first got to Tucson twenty years ago, it seemed that we got snow down in the city (or at least, in the foothills where we lived) about once or twice a year. In recent years, though, I don't think I've seen a single flake on the ground in town. It's all been at a distance and higher up. The closest I've seen to a snowstorm the last five years has been a short but furious hailstorm. That's happened several times. But I miss those rare snowfalls. I blame global warming.


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