Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Top Shelf Decorations

Your Monday Photo Shoot: Show off your winter home decorations. If you've put up something seasonal (or have shots of decorations from seasons gone by) let's see what they look like. These can include lights and lawn decorations. However, don't post pictures of Christmas trees or menorahs. We'll save those for another Photo Shoot, probably next week.

Okay, but it won't be very impressive:

I think there are more boxes of Christmas stuff in the storage room or maybe in the labyrinth of boxes in the front room. But here's what I can find easily, on top of the utility shelves in the laundry room. I thought about trying to pull out just one decoration, but I can't reach into these without climbing on a chair. So we'll just have to wait, won't we?

This is sitting out, though. John bought it a week or two ago. I'm sure we already have one of these. He's sure we don't. We'll see!

This one is clearly mostly wrapping paper. Another one is definitely lights. The one in between, well, it's labeled "gift wrap and stockings and towels, oh my!" It might have two of the three.

And here's my favorite winter decoration of all. I keep it on display in my office year round. There's a story behind it, but I'm not telling it tonight. Sorry.


Yes, I know I didn't get last night's entry updated, although I lay awake at 4 AM writing some of it in my head. But it's not my fault this time. Well, it really is, but not for the reason you think. See, the computer was sluggish tonight as I tried to work with it in between trips to the kitchen to check on the sausage, and during NBC commercial breaks during two of the three shows I watch on broadcast network tv (via cable, of course; the other one is House M.D.). When I downloaded what was on the camera (Sunday and Monday's photos), the computer told me I was critically short on hard drive space, and offered to fix the problem. I said yes, laboriously forced the computer to shut down iTunes and AOL and Firefox, and waited about three hours while the computer compressed some files and deleted others. Then it dumped me into Add/Remove Programs. I removed a few of them, including a couple old versions of iPod softward. Mistake, that. I think I've rendered the curent version inoperable and unfixable. Drat. So not it's late-late-late yet again, and no more time for telling stories. But tomorrow...yes. Tomorrow!

Tomorrow: Ooh! Prezzies!


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DesLily said...

wow.. sounds like you need more hard drive!!

and how long do we wait for the snowman candle story?? huh?

Monponsett said...

I have the same problem as you. All my stuff is put away by the hub... who is 18 inches taller than I am. I can't reach them without a ladder, and I can't lift them while on a ladder.

So... hub is in charge of when we decorate, and he's lazy about it. We're always the last ones on our block to get decorated.

I just tell neighbors "We're from France," which is my default story for when something unusual happens in my house that the neighbors somehow become aware of.

Hub's not French- he's from South Boston, originally... but I'm French enough that he sort of gets lumped in.