Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Neighborhood Lights, Edited

It's Round Robin time! Suzanne of "New Suzanne R's Life" selected "Lights of the Holidays" as this week's topic.

I've spent most of tonight taking and editing these, and also troubleshooting my computer based on Carly's and Barbara's and John's suggestions. So now it's late again, and my sleep situation is getting desperate. So for tonight I'm going to give you only the briefest of descriptions. I don't remember exactly what I did to each photo, anyway.

If you've been reading this blog, you're probably aware that we have no Christmas decorations out (other than my snowman candle, and he's not for burning), much less any Christmas lights up. I thought about photographing the headlights of cars in holiday traffic, but instead I have pictures of three heavily-decorated houses, two of them in my neighborhood, the remaining one a few blocks away. This first shot is of the most extreme set of lights in the neighborhood. The reflection is off the roof of my car. I kind of like the effect.

This is another part of the same light display. I did a lot of adjusting on some of these so the tree wasn't red, as it tends to be in the raw photos.

Here's a vertical shot of that same tree, taken with flash and autocorrected to be a whole lot brighter. It's not the most naturalistic shot here, but I like the way it looks. It gives you some idea how big the tree is.

The house across the street from the one with the tree is modestly decorated in comparison. I think I took this with flash and then just brightened it, but I may have used sliders on the tone panel to filter out most of the red.

Same house, no flash, with the dark tones darkened further, leaving only the lights.

Another house with a tree. This was also a flash shot, saturated and brightened.

Now go see what everyone else has done for this Challenge, and maybe even join in yourself!


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Danella said...

WOW some of those houses really went all out! They are really pretty pictures and I like the ones with the reflections.

Mine is up too....

Carly said...

Those are some seriously decorated houses! Cool effect in the one, off the roof of your car. Very creative. :)

DesLily said...

you sure live in a "brilliant' neighborhood! lol..

Paul said...

I must say I am always somewhat put off by displays of excess like those (and those are really nothing compared to what's out there). To me they are nothing more than an egotistical "look at me!" statement, to say nothing of the environmental disregard they show.

Teena said...

Awesome pix!

Mine is up :)

Nancy said...

Nicely done, captured lots of lights all around!


Janet said...

You got some great shots!

Anonymous said...

Very excellent night shots! I know how challenging they can be, and yours are extremely clear. Beautiful job!

julie said...

Finally catching up on the RRs. Wow, your neighborhood has a lot of lights. We just got the tree up, so no lights here!