Saturday, November 25, 2006

A Sucker for Christmas

laying a finger aside of her nose

Two days down, two to go on this four day weekend.

Today was mostly a day of accomplishing glorious nothing. I'm not sure whether to be chagrined or pleased about that. But I got nine hours of sleep, barely, watched commentaries and featurettes about Looney Tunes, fussed with the Wikipedia article on A Christmas Story, and, for the past eight hours or so, watched movies on tv. First there was Bruce Almighty, and then a chunk of Ice Princess with Michelle Trachtenberg, which turned out to also have the actress who plays Claire Bennet the Cheerleader on Heroes.

Once I got to the point in the story I'd seen before, when Tina betrays Casey, I switched to something called A Boyfriend for Christmas, in which Charles Durning as Santa fulfills a 20-year-old request by getting two people together at last. It annoyed me a bit that the cute lawyer guy introduced himself as Douglas Firwood, and annoyed me more that she didn't catch the obvious pseudonym, especially considering he was carrying a Douglas Fir at the time. I guess I've seen one too many romantic comedies in which the couple gets together under false pretenses, the person lies to learns the truth and gets all mad, and then somehow all is forgiven at the end. Phooey.

But I watched it anyway, because the characters and story had already grabbed me, and because I'm a sucker for "Santa is real" movies. And then I saw An Angel in the Family, in which a dead woman visits her family at Christmas. After that was a movie about a German woman who lets WW II soldiers from both sides spend Christmas Eve in her home as long as they leave the guns outside. And now it's Back to the Future, another movie whose Wikipedia article I've messed around with recently.

BTTF is BTTF, but mostly I've been indulging tonight in that uplifting Hallmark Channel stuff that says that magic and miracles can happen, and people can get it together with a little help and make their lives better. Now, in all reality, I only believe in Santa Claus to the extent that Francis P. Church did, more or less. I believe in the historical existence of Nicholas, Bishop of Myra, and in the spirit of kindness and giving, and in the ideal of behaving accordingly, especially at Christmas. But I love those fantasy movies in which that ideal is personified in an elderly gentleman with a white beard. What can I say? I love the character, and I love the whimsy, and I love the idea of there being more in Heaven and Earth, etc.

Dang. 4:30 AM. I need to go to bed!


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Barbara said...

I am glad that you got to relax and enjoy some tv. I too like the idea, the character of Santa. This is a wonderful magical time of year I fully intend to enjoy as much of the holiday spirit as possible.

julie said...

Glad you got some rest. I'm going to attempt that today. Whatever wakes me up at 5:00 is back - with a vengeance!

And your sunset shot in the previous entry looks almost like one I shot the other day and posted over the weekend.