Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Round Robin: Thankful for My Unseen Friend

Hi, folks! This week's Round Robin Photo Challenge, "What You Are Thankful For", coms to us from Tammy, of The Daily Warrior. I could give you a list and pictures of things I'm thankful for - living in Tucson, a good job, the Internet and so on - but instead I'm going to expound a little on my answer to a recent Weekend Assignment, in which I said:

I'm thankful that John still puts up with me after all these years. Nearly three decades after we first met, he's still my best friend, my inspiration, my confidante, my travel companion, my main source of intellectual stimulation, my personal humorist, my sounding board, the thorn in my side, my connection for news about Doctor Who and other media, and most of all, the love of my life.

Now, John doesn't like me to post photos of him, especially without his express permission. So let me show him to you indirectly:

This is a fairly typical view of our kitchen table, with John's stuff on it. That's his Disneyland jacket, his backpack, and his Buckaroo Banzai cap - one of them, anyway. As you can also see, he just bought more detergent, and trail mix.

He's a man of (pop) culture...

And he likes his toys.

He's well-read, but he also works with his hands. He built these bookcases.

He also works hard at taking good care of himself. Note the comfy chair isn't used so much for sitting in as to put junk in.

Now go see what other people are grateful for. And, as usual, you're welcome to join in yourself!


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Carly said...

Hi Karen :)

Lovely tribute to your sweetie. :) It was really nice to learn more about the mysterious John. Tee Hee. I was intrigued by the Lincoln Logs, haven't seen those in years!!! :) Nice meeting you John.

Always, Carly :)

Danella said...

What a sweet tribute and lovely photos.

Mine is up too! Have a great day.

DesLily said...

nice post!! Well done, considering the man himself doesn't like cameras lol.

It looks as if John needs to build more shelves!

Anonymous said...

What a great idea -- to introduce someone indirectly through a photo shoot of his stuff!

Anonymous said...

Very cool post and photos, Karen! John sounds a lot like my husband minus the Dr. Who... he's more into repeating episodes of Seinfeld verbatim! lol One of my all-time favorite movies is sitting on your shelf--Groundhog Day! Just love Bill Murray! Laughing every day makes life wonderful doesn't it!

Anonymous said...

Nice entry.

Right now, I'm thankful The View from Here was named Blogger's Blog of Note for Monday, 11/27. I haven't had this many hits and these many comments to deal with, ever.

And I'm thankful for my cyber friends. :)

SassyDee50 said...

Hi Karen~What a great idea to show us John indirectly. I have that same situation with Dutch so I may in the future piggy back on your idea! I love the way you expressed what he menas to you nad the Lincoln Logs!
Sassy ;-)

Suzanne R said...

I thought this was so very lovely, and a truly neat way to learn about your guy.

Janet said...

What an awesome way to pay tribute to your husband! You just gave me a great idea :-)

Linda (Lou) said...

Wonderful! A reminder that love sometimes really does last. Gives me hope for my "John" and me! Thank you for sharing your life and love with us!

Tammy said...

Super way to show us your special guy. You are both very lucky! Your rainbow above was gorgeous :)