Sunday, November 19, 2006

Many a Slap 'Twixt the Cup and the Lap

This should be the last of my series of "I'll try to do better tomorrow" entries, for a few days at least. Today has been so long for me that it's hard to comprehend that it's been less than 18 hours since I picked up Toni Sue for Morning Prayer, Low Mass, and confirmation class. On the other had, 18 hours does sound like a long time for one day, even broken up with a two-hour-plus nap early this evening. Since getting home this afternoon I've mostly read and commented on some Round Robin entries, caught up on Julie's blog, read all about a scam association of scam literary agents, read a little L'Engle, and *gasp* done some dishes.

Now I need to get done at least a little bit of what I promised myself (and, privately, God) that I'd do today. On one of the other tabs in Firefox, I'm currently uploading a Windows Media file of Father Douglas's sermon from 11/12. (Yes, I know I should convert it to mp3, but I haven't succeeded in doing so.) If it works, I'll upload Father Smith's sermon from the week before. I also hope to get at least the church schedule part of the church schedule page updated. Other than that, I may wash a few more dishes, photograph today's purchases for this blog entry, wash my hair and go to bed.

The reason for this urgency about my church-centric tasks is that I got the date of my "Reception" into the Episcopal Church wrong. It's tomorrow at 10 AM, as Toni Sue puckishly told me over and over today. In the morning, Bishop Smith will shake my hand, and welcome me to the church I've attended for nearly a decade, the church where I carry the cross and read aloud from the Old Testament and take pictures and grab a service bulletin for the purpose, so often neglected, of posting updates to the St. Michael's website and blogs. And it occurs to me that if I'm going to take this seriously, I should do more for God, the church and its people, not less.

Oh, good. The Father Douglas sermon uploaded. I've started a blog entry for the two audio links, and now I'm uploading the Father Smith sermon. I hope. I wonder whether I have any others sitting neglected on my hard drive. Oh. I see I have, but they're older than the ones I know I've posted. Maybe I posted them, but long enough ago that they've dropped off the front page of the SMAA news blog.

I haven't taken any photos since Wednesday night; my camera must be feeling positively neglected. But here is a quick picture taken just now, actually my second try in ten minutes to photograph today's purchases. See, Toni Sue asked me what I would be wearing Sunday morning, and told me of a good deal on skirts. I was already wondering what to wear to the annual office holiday party next month, so after church and class and lunch we went to K-Mart. They didn't have any skirts for me, and the one black dress I tried on was "a world of no," as I told Toni Sue. But I got black cotton pants, nothing fancy, and these two tops, and men's 10 1/2 Thom McCann loafers to replace my perpetually dying $10 sneakers. There should also be a black headband - or maybe it's really really dark green - but it's hiding from me.

The first time I tried to photograph these clothes, there were white spots on the photo, especially the blouse on the right. Dust on the laptop's LCD screen? Nope. Dust on my lens? Yes, that's not all of it. The blouse on the right picked up dust and dog hair within a few minutes of leaving the shopping bag.

Guess I'll wear the other one tomorrow - and hope nobody thinks I'm equating Confirmation with funerals by wearing black.


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Carly said...

Hi Karen

I love the tops you purchased, I bet they look great on you! Must Post Pictures! :) I had a pair of shoes similar to those, by Mootsies Tootsie. LOVED them. :)

Becky said...

I like the top with the white embroidery. And I'd never guess those shoes were mens. I like them too! It never occured to me to try mens shoes. I probably should. They probably run a touch wider than womens.