Monday, November 27, 2006

Before and After

Tonight, a few more sunset pictures from Saturday, and an update on my horrible backlog of unread mail. I finally took Carly's advice of a month ago, and gave up on catching up everyone's unread posts from October and most of November. Sorry folks, it just got out of hand. The farther behind I got, the harder it was to face up to opening all those FeedBlitz emails and reading the posts therein, and therefore the farther behind I got, and therefore....

I started the weekend with 158 unread emails on my Mavarin screen name, which was actually down from some awful higher number. I managed to clear enough AOL Alerts and Tucson Citizen updates and nudgings such to get the count down to 80 or so. Sunday I noticed that the oldest ones had aged off - and that's pretty much when I decided to give up. So tonight, after three hours of sleep Saturday night and a long day of editing A Christmas Story on Wikipedia in connection with a controversy over trivia and copyright, I got ruthless with the email. Technorati and Borders updates and FeedBlitz, I deleted unread. Come to think of it, FeedBlitz was my blog backup system, but oh, well. AOL Alerts I'd saved to deal with later, I opened and skimmed. Writer's Digest: ditto. Email count as of this moment: 25.

Yes, I still owe comments on Round Robin, and I will take care of that, just in time to do the next Challenge!

Okay, now for a few more sunset pictures. I keep telling you about my favorite nearby spot for sunset photos being near my local Safeway. So here's a shot that combines the Safeway sign with sunset, looking south.

After I left Safeway, I started trying to chase down a shot of some really dark red orange streaks that grew more brilliant as I drove - and then faded into dusk. I never got to a place where buildings weren't in the way, and then it was too late. The photo aboe is as close as I got.

And this is how the sky looked, more or less, when I got home a few minutes later.


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DesLily said...

awww geez... Scott Schwartz, who plays Flick doesn't get mentioned in the credits and thats a classic moment everyone remembers!