Sunday, November 12, 2006

A Pop Quiz and a Teaser

First, the pop quiz. What is this? Be specific.

This came home with me after a morning spent with a friend, first attending the second half of Mass (I was late), then Confirmation class, then eating at Mimi's Cafe (hence the food), and finally browsing at an interdenominational bookstore and gift shop.

None of the items in the second picture were purchased today, but they do pertain the confirmation class. The red Bible is my favorite translation, the New American Bible, St. Joesph Edition. Like everything else to do with religion, it's a bit controversial, but I like it because it has lots of scholarly intros and footnotes and illos and timelines and whatnot. None of this, however, inspired me or kept me awake long enough to finish the reading for this morning. Still, the additional material is very much in line with the content of this morning's class. Rev. Angela talked about the different parts of the Bible, the historical context, and the idea that both reason and tradition should be considered when reading scripture, as well as the content of the text itself in various translations. The little booklets above are a guide to the Daily Office Lectionary, a two-year cycle of readings that take the reader through most of the Bible in a fairly coherent order, and give some idea of common themes between the readings in a given week. I suppose that part of the "tradition" portion of the "three-legged stool" of Episcopal tradition.

Anyway, I was pleased to discover that most of what Rev. Angela said resonated with my own past researches and my own beliefs. I am more convinced than ever that I have found my theological home. Despite my intense aversion to controversy, I have much more to say about this. But not tonight!


Current lectionary readings

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Bea said...

Regarding What is this? I think it's a pancake with either pear or peach preserves on top. At first, I thought it was an English muffin, but on closer examination, I'd say it's a pancake. Possibly a crepe. I'm glad you found your theological home... I found mine with the United Methodist Church twelve years ago. I have a bible with footnotes, maps, timelines, and illustrations too but it's called the NIV Life Application Study Bible. I agree that reason, tradition, and content of text from various translations need to be considered when reading scripture. I would add one more: one's personal experience with God. Congratulations on your Confirmation. May the Peace of the Lord be always with you, and may His light shone upon you as you go out into the world.

Barbara said...

What is this? My guess is a pancake with something like apple pie filling on top.
Thanks for the links I am looking forward to checking them out soon.

Wil said...

A scone someone has cut, intead of prying it apart with a fork, toasted and buttered with apricot preserves (possibly peach).