Monday, March 23, 2009

Random Remarks

"He just sits there, making random remarks"
- Lawrence Nightingale, Doctor Who episode "Blink"

Casa Blocher as spring 2009 begins.

Sunday was John's birthday. It was low key but pleasant. I got him a couple of books that he seemed to like, one on Disneyland design work and one on remodeling bathrooms.

Small, colorful peppers to be served with mild Italian sausage.

For dinner we at at Golden Corral for the first time in a year or so. (The photo above is from Saturday night.)

John waters a recently-planted flower bush that's shriveling in the sun.

The day started with me oversleeping due to haven;t set the alarm wrong. John woke me up five minutes before church started. I managed to get dressed, pick up Kevin and get to church just before the gospel reading, which is early on in the service. I was able to suit up and serve at the second half of mass, basically sneaking in during the Sign of Peace. Proscovia was decidedly short-handed, so even a late additon was better than doing without me entirely.

A lizard hangs out on our curtains.

Monday morning I further researched the extension of unemployment benefits, since I'm about two weeks away from needing them. It turns out you have to apply online for them. The directions said it was on the same basic online form as an initial application, so that's what I filled out. The system knew about my previous last date of employment, but there was no clear indication what I was applying for. The directions specifically say you can't call right away and ask questions about the application. I hope I did it right! Also, the online form insisted that it was only compatible with Netscape 4.7 and up or some version of Internet Explorer or higher. Even when I opened it in a newly-upgraded IE, with the state unemployment pages added to the trusted sites list, the form insisted it was not compatible. But it was.


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