Thursday, March 05, 2009

Dogs and Water: Another Reid Park Ramble concluded

Okay, let's finish up this series on my explorations with the dogs around the different areas of Gene C Reid Park in Tucson. As we left off several days ago, Cayenne and Pepper and I were chatting with a couple near one of the "urban lakes," otherwise known as the duck ponds. When we got to the water's edge, some interesting sights appeared for my camera to record. Here are the highlights:

The beginning of sunset.
From the Picasa album Another Reid Park Ramble

It was just about sunset when we got to this part of the park, which gave the trees a golden glow (even though they were east of me!).

Although Cayenne was briefly interested in the water, she showed little desire to jump in where there were no ducks to tempt her.

A culvert or feeder canal connects the two duck ponds. The builders did a pretty good job of making it resemble a stream, except that it's too darn straight!

I wasn't the only one taking pictures near a man-made waterfall.

Four tiers of waterfall - and people!

A closer view.

Pepper avoids the edge, probably because of the noise, since she doesn;t seem to mind getting wet in other circumstances.

Cayenne at the edge.

Another Reid Park sunset - looking east!

That's it! Today was a busy day, with a very work-intensive stint this afternoon at the church office, the required trip to the dog park, and an Alpo run to PetSmart. Tomorrow I need to finish my auditing assignment, and tomorrow night we'll have a new Weekend Assignment. I also hope to finally catch up on my delinquent blog-jogging and sidebar updating. Google/Blogger merged a friend feature with the Follow feature, and because I'd used both they changed all 110 of my follows to a private/anonymous setting. I think I've fixed about 90 of them, and should have the rest back to public status soon.

I also have Pepper's license to either mail in or drive down to the pound across town. I'm tempted to do the drive, silly as that is, because then I can have her tag in hand, update the city's records that Tuffy is dead and no longer needs a license (and that "Lady" is the same dog as Pepper), and maybe take a few pics of Silverbell Park at that end of town. Sounds like too much for Thursday, but I may go for that on Friday. See you tomorrow night!


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