Thursday, March 26, 2009

Pick The Cutest Photo of the Blocher Dogs!

For Feline and Furballs with Feathers Friday:

"You realize that you're posting about nothing but the dogs these days," John said the other night.

To some extent, this is almost inevitable. What do I do all day since being unemployed, and who do I see? What are the stimuli that feed my brain? I'm not going to go on too much about messing around online (too commonplace), or the daily lack of a job nibble (too depressing, and nothing to report). I could tell you about the two blocks of Auditing review assignments that had no questions to answer, so the computer grading system can't cope due to a lack of metrics to measure. There. I told you. Do you care? Of course not. Even I don't really care. I'm rereading Harry Potter, but there's little to be said about that. John wants me to get the New Yorker towed away, but I'll report on that when it happens. There's politics, but I find writing about that rather stressful. Let me refer you to Rachel Maddow and leave it at that.

Religion is also tricky for me to write about, although I do it anyway from time to time. But church life is occasionally worth a paragraph or two. A parishioner mentioned in the church office today that nitrites, that carcinogenic ingredient in such processed meats as hot dogs and bacon, has been found to help regulate blood pressure. So that's mild good news for John Scalzi and other bacon lovers, but not something I care enough to hang a blog entry on. "Make no mistake; hot dogs are still bad for you," the parishioner added. And John bought a ton of hot dogs as Costco yesterday. C'est la vie.

So what's left to talk about? Well, I'm afraid we're back to dogs. If you're still reading this dog-heavy blog, I'm assuming you're not utterly sick of seeing pictures of Cayenne and Pepper - yet. In which case, I'd like your help with a little project.

John emailed me today, which is a rarity, to point me at some local cute dog contest. He wants me to enter the following picture:

From Trouble Dogs

Now, this may look okay on a desktop computer monitor, but on my laptop Cayenne is washed out and a little out of focus. So let's see if we can top this picture. I'm going to post five of my favorite photos of Cayenne or Pepper. (I also have faves with both dogs in them, but that might muddy the waters in a contest like this.) Your task is to vote for your favorite. Ready?

1. Pepper: Don't Bother Me

2. Cayenne: Give Me a Sec

3. Pepper: Back Yard Smile

4. Cayenne: Be Mine

3. Pepper: Car Cutie

6. Cayenne: Bandanarama

Which is the cutest of the photos shown?
Pepper: Don't Bother Me
Cayenne: Give Me a Sec
Pepper: Back Yard Smile
Cayenne: Be Mine
Pepper: Car Cutie
Cayenne: Bandanarama
The one John likes free polls
So? Whaddaya think?


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Mike said...

Can i vote for the guy in the car next to you in that one shot? :)