Sunday, March 08, 2009

Best. Sunset. Ever.

I've just spent the past several hours editing the rest of the photos of Friday night's sunset as seen from Gates Pass outside Tucson, AZ. I freely admit that other people, especially professional photographers with good equipment, may have come up with better sunset pictures than these, but for me, this was the best sunset ever, the perfect combination of weather, location and timing. Many of the 71 raw files were so good that I didn't do any editing except to resize and sharpen, and occasionally crop. If the file name has a u after the number, that's what it means.

Having been way too indulgent on bandwidth lately on the posting of lots of large photo files, I'm going to take pity on your modems and limit this entry in both the number and size of what I'm posting. But I strongly encourage you to check out my Picasa album "West Side Story" for the whole set.

Looking back toward the city, just before sunset.
From West Side Story

Tucson Mountain Park at sunset. The buildings in
the distance are Old Tucson Studios.

Unedited for color or tone.

Sky island.

Also unedited for tone or saturation.



Jama said...

Photos of sunrise and sunset are always my favorite to look at, no 2 days are the same!

Call me Paul said...

That's a big sky. Nice shots.

MyMaracas said...

Awesome colors! I'll bet it was breathtaking to watch.

fdtate said...

Very nice. I especially like the colors in that last one.