Saturday, March 14, 2009


This is a quick entry so I can say I posted before going to bed. I'm going to sleep now. I may be up in two hours with a great idea for a better entry, or I may sleep until noon. We'll see. I probably won't update this, though, unless a killer idea hits soon and fits the theme embodied in the title above. That seems rather unlikely, doesn't it?

What's in my mental pending file for this blog? Well, I haven't told you about a situation my friend is having with a landlord, or my thoughts on the way people take advantage of the helpless, especially if the helpless try to stand up for their rights. I don't know how that particular situation will turn out; I only know what my friend told me, and that I left a message for her this morning with the number of Legal Aid.

I had hoped to have pictures of the dogs getting groomed today, but the pet resort didn't call me back until the groomer was done for the day. The dogs still don't have their appointment. I should have just gone with PetSmart, probably.

And I could tell you how much I'm enjoying Zoe's Tale by John Scalzi. The characters are smart and snarky and likable, just the way I like 'em. But I''m still in the early chapters of the book, so it's far too soon to review the thing.

So yeah, there's stuff to talk about, but I'm very sleepy and the end of each story is pending. And so this entry remains incomplete. Catch you after I've slept!


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