Sunday, March 01, 2009

The Continuing Adventures of Cayenne and Pepper

The dogs got loose from the back yard today, due to a side gate that wasn't quite closed. When John informed me of this potential disaster, I got dressed in a hurry while John drove off to look for them. Once I was dressed I stepped into the front yard, called out, "Puppies!" and they came running home. Good dogs!

So shortly after that, I rewarded them with an early trip to the dog park, after which I took them to explore Reid Park a bit more. Like last weekend, I have far too many photos to share in one entry. So let's just take a look at one of their many adventures today, when they found some gopher holes at Reid Park!

From Another Reid Park Ramble

But no, I didn't let them dig, and no, we didn't see any gophers.

More later - I'm tired and there's much more to edit and post. We saw protest signs, a clown, a musician, an artist or two, a vegetarian, an outdated map, gnarly trees, the ugliest rose garden ever and a man-made waterfall. Stay tuned!


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Astaryth said...

Looking forward to more puppy adventures. There is nothing better than seeing the world thru furkid eyes.