Sunday, March 22, 2009

More Old Places in Tucson

This morning I mentioned that I have taken lots of photos over the years of old buildings in Tucson. Tonight I thought I'd show you a selection of them, shots that, as far as I can tell without searching every blog entry, I haven't posted before.

A newly-restored former hotel at the edge of downtown
Tucson, right near the Diamondback bridge.
From My Tucson

Pima County Courthouse.

Wells Fargo Bank entrance downtown.

Historic Hotel Congress, where Dillinger stayed.

A rather nice derelict building downtown.

Inside the Historic Depot.

I'm not so well organized in my photo files that I managed to find everything I wanted to show you. But you get the idea. It's also possible that I've posted one or two of these before, but I did search the entries tagged "Tucson" before posting there.



Anonymous said...

I absolutely love the facade of the Prima County Courthouse! and the cupola above....

Anonymous said...

Wow, even better....thanks for showing us more old places. Great camera work.

I do value your comment, do drop by my blog.

Take care.

Mojo said...

Wow. Your "derelicts" are in pretty good shape! Around here "derelict" buildings don't look nearly so good.

Must be the desert air, huh?

Love the shots from the courthouse! Very nice!