Friday, November 16, 2007

Feeding the Robins (Or At Least the Kitty)

Hi ho! This week's Round Robin topic is Steven's clever way of soliciting more ideas for the Round Robin topic kitty:

"Offer Three and Shoot One"

Put on your creative caps as it's an open challenge. Post three future challenge topics with your entry and then pick one of your topics to photograph for your challenge entry. "Offer three and shoot one," your choice! Karen, Carly and I will add your choices to the pool for use in future challenges. If you've already shared a few topics with us, don't fret as we can always use a few more topics swimming in the pool.

Have I got some topics for you! These three ideas all came to me on the drive home from work this evening, more or less. For tonight I'm going with the first one, because I could photograph stuff for it indoors after dusk. But I'll be providing a sample photo for the other topics as well.

Bottled Up - Show us a bottle. Is it glass or plastic? Is it old? Is there a message inside? Will the contents give you a buzz, or help you fight a cold? You decide!

Here are six bottles of Diet Lipton Green Tea with Lemon. It may seem like overkill, but John was drinking this stuff at a fairly fast clip over the summer. Also, Safeway always seems to be down to its last two bottles of the stuff. So when they had a "Buy Two, Get Three Free" deal on them last week, I bought two and took a raincheck for more. I returned before the sale price ended, and was shocked to see they were fully stocked for a change. So I bought 2 and got 3 free, of course. But John had just given up drinking the stuff! Now he's drinking seltzer water instead - those blue cans on the right. So here we have the two I paid for, the three I got free, and one of the two I bought before. The remaining bottle is in the fridge.

Edited for color coordination.

For this similar shot I subtly tinted the wallpaper and hutch to make them more tea-colored, and not so subtly recolored the clock.

Empty Bacardi, plus oil and vinegar

I don't know why there's an empty Bacardi bottle in the cupboard, above the dog biscuits.

If this were the actual Challenge, I would be sure to get more interesting bottles, and film them in more natural light. The bottles reflect glare off the camera flash, and I haven't found a way yet to use that to my advantage.

A recorder, and something else

See the Music - Photograph something that illustrates music in some way. You can be literal, and show us your flute or your daughter singing, or illustrate a song lyric, or just evoke the mood of a particular piece of music.

This is my recorder. I barely know how to play it, and I don't quite remember when or where I got it. It was probably close to a decade ago. The tone of this one reminds me of a pennywhistle, and I had a few of those over the years. Aside from liking recorders due to their history and simplicity (which I do), I got it as an homage to the Second Doctor, who used to play one. He was also the first Doctor to use an early version of the thing next to it in this shot. I'll explain later.

Charles O. Brown House, downtown Tucson. Mid 19th century.

The Old Place - Show us someplace that's been around a long time, preferably 50 years or more. It can be an interior or exterior or both. The spooky Victorian mansion on the corner is fair game, or the abandoned amusement park. Or go for someplace that's really been around a long time, such as Stonehenge, a canyon or a mountain range.

As the caption says, this pink adobe house with the picket fence is called Charles O Brown House. It's one of several historic buildings I photographed on lunch break from jury duty, back on September 11th. You can read about this house and other Tucson historic sites here.

And, because I'm firmly in favor of overkill on these things, I hereby offer a fourth topic:

Favorite Toy - Photograph a toy that has some significance to you or a loved one. What I have in mind here is actual toys, such as might be sold in toy stores and possibly even played with by children, rather than "big boys' toys" such as ATVs and motorcycles and RVs. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

And that's why there's a sonic screwdriver next to the recorder. The sonic is my current favorite toy.

Now let's go see everyone else's bright ideas!


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gina said...

i had thought about a 4th topic...subjects from which sci-fi gets their ideas for their creatures. i see so many insects that remind me of sci-fi creatures! lol you have some great future topics listed here. i say...let the fun begin!! :)

Carly said...

Hi Karen :)

The idea "Bottled Up" sounds really intriguing. I love vintage pop bottles from back in the wee old days of the 60's and 70's. :) There are so many beautiful bottles that could work in an entry. All your ideas are great, but I felt inspired by that one. :) I will be looking forward to it.

Always, Carly

MariesImages said...

Steven had such a good idea for this challeneg, which brings out more great ideas....Ü
Wonderful ideas, Karen!

Steven said...

Bottled Up is a fun one! Stellar offerings. See the music is intriguing. Very nice.

MyMaracas said...

I like all of those, especially the bottles. Very creative idea.

The toy one would be nice for Christmas. And I like Gina's idea for sci fi creatures, too.

You know what else might be fun? Shoes. Baby shoes, worn out shoes, glamorous shoes, work boots ... they all have personality.