Wednesday, November 21, 2007

The Last Moment of Sunset

There are nights when I spend hours working over an entry, whether it's a photo essay, a real essay or just a longish rant. There are other nights when I fob you off with a photo and a couple paragraphs of news.

Guess which kind tonight's entry is. Hey, I have to leave for work in five hours! It actually came out pretty well, though, so read on.

The photo above is literally what the subject line of this entry says it is. When I walked out of work tonight, there were still deep reddish streaks in the sky. By the time I passed the obstructions between me and the sky, got in my car and made it to an intersection, it was over. Sunset was gone, replaced by dusk. But I'm happy I managed to snap that last bit of color before I drove toward Palo Verde and Irvington.

I'm sure there's a good metaphor in there somewhere, some variant on Carpe Diem that I could upliftingly apply to my life and yours if I worked at it for a bit.

Maybe next time.

Today was Tuffy's third radiation treatment out of four. John bathed her early this morning and took her over. They called at 9:30 AM to say she was ready (so soon?), and rather than make her wait around I told someone where I was going and drove right over. And waited. Dr. K. was considering our oft-expressed concern about Tuffy not wanting to eat anything except new-extreme treats such as hot fresh chicken or McDonald's hamburgers. She examined Tuffy's tongue and didn't see much sign of inflammation, but figured it was bothering her anyway. So she prescribed prednisone, of all things. That's supposed to reduce her discomfort and increase her appetite. So far it hasn't, but she's about to get her second pill, hidden in pepperoni.

(Update: she rejected the pepperoni, so I hid the pill in a hunk of chicken. After that she ate the pepperoni after all. Darn dog! She drives me crazy!)

Dr. K. was amused that both John and I have taken Tuffy to McDonald's (John did so last night). "Dogs love McDonald's," she said. "Only McDonald's, though, not Burger King or anywhere else. And it's fine. The main thing is to get her eating. It's all about quality of life."

Yes, that's it. I want Tuffy to have a good life with us while we have her, and us to have a good life with her. I want to enjoy and appreciate her, and I want her to enjoy Cesar dog food and McDonald's hamburgers. But the kid at the drive-through at 10:25 AM said they were only selling breakfast. No McDonald's today, Tuffy. Sorry.

Maybe after work (Wednesday) we'll have hamburgers together. Something about seizing the day.

Or the last moment of sunset.



julie said...

One of my cats has been on prednisone for allergies. It's kind of strange to think of a dog or cat getting the same meds that I do, that's for sure!

Becky said...

So you're saying Tuffy wouldn't like McD's scrambled eggs and sausage? Or hotcakes?

Karen Funk Blocher said...

Actually, I'm pretty sure Tuffy wouldn't have eaten McDonald's breakfast. She's bored with eggs, doesn't like bacon, and isn't especially fond of sausage. If I'm gonna buy people food for Tuffy, it has to be something I'm pretty sure she'll eat.