Sunday, November 25, 2007

Too Bad About Color Tile

Of course I just foolishly watched The Five Doctors twice through, the second time for the commentary, so it's quite late now. So here's a brief rundown on one of the issues John and I are facing on crumbling Casa Blocher, the Museum of the Weird.

This is the bath/shower in "my" bathroom, the one that's just off the library and the storage room rather than the master bedroom. It's never been restored since an anti-mold crew removed the wallpaper and gouged the walls two years ago. A week or so ago, John replaced the faucet handles on the tub, one of which had cracked and would no longer turn off properly. A few days ago, the tiles started coming down. So John cleared out some tiles, and covered the area with plastic and tape. Today we went to look at tiles to redo the bathroom, or at least the bathtub walls.

John insists on calling these ucky ochre tiles "green." They do have a greenish cast to them, but really they're sort of a brownish yellow. I kind of like the style of them, but the color has never been good, whatever you decide to call it. They are offset by a white tub and toilet, salmon blinds, a pinkish-beige sink, brown cabinet and a terra cotta floor. Add that to the wallpaper that used to be there and you get a whole mess of colors that don't quite work together.

At one time I wanted to redo the bathroom in industrial futurism, with lots of gray and silver and chrome. I've long since changed my mind, however. I want to retile now in turquoise (actually the tiles we found today are labeled Azul), edged with white and maybe yellow for the Mâvarin color palette. Right now I'm leaning toward a row of yellow at top and bottom, a double block of azul along the edges of each wall, and the rest in white. But really we'll have to measure and plan, and maybe find a program for previewing rooms according to shapes and color schemes.

We haven't found a good floor tile yet, or a sink, or a cabinet in the right color. The truth is that it's very hard to get colorful fixtures in Tucson, AZ. When I was a kid, there was a chain called Color Tile. They're long gone, but what we need is a company that fulfills the promise of that name. Unfortunately, 90% of the tiles we saw today at Loew's and Home Depot are beige and tan, terra cotta and brown. Phooey. We want 1950s colors for our midcentury home: turquoise and salmon and such, not an endless supply of earthtones.

"So when can we go shopping in the 50s?" John asked.

If only.



Becky said...

Ooo! Bathroom redesign. How fun! How about a glass vessel sink mounted on a colorful formica cabinet?

Not exactly 50s, but mod and very cool.

There is a place near here that does custom formica. My friend Beth got this amazing entertainment center made in purple, chrome and black.

Becky said...

If I were redoing my hall bath right now, I'd do it in mod tiki style. Bamboo cabinets and accessories like these:

Turquoise tile on the shower walls and some kind of classic tiki accent tiles. I'd rip out the tub and just do a glass enclosed shower with a bench and one of those rainfall showerheads mounted in the ceiling. It would be like sitting under the falls at the 7 sacred pools on the way to Hana.

Maybe someday. LOL!

Anonymous said...

There is paint for tiles, so if you like the pattern of the tiles and just want a color changet that might work.