Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Waiting for the Doctor

Today was the first of Tuffy's four palliative radiation treatments. I had arranged for John to drop her off on Tuesday mornings at 7:30 AM for the next four weeks, on his way to work, and to pick her up at the end of the day. But it didn't work out that way. When John arrived with Tuffy, he learned that nobody from oncology gets to the clinic until 8 AM. Another staffer with some oncology experience started writing up the estimate/treatment plan as John waited. The total cost on her first writeup: $10,000. Yow! We love this dog very much, but no. For that much money, she'd better have a Hollywood contract and training by someone named Weatherwax. Eventually it was all straightened out and written up properly for $2K or so, and John went on to work, still slightly freaked out about our little dog and what's happening to her, and how much it's costing us, financially as well as emotionally.

Then I got a call around 11 AM from one of the oncology staff. Tuffy did great, he said, and was currently ensconced in a doghouse, staring at the caller. I picked her up at lunch. She was alert and excited and enthusiastic and very glad to see me. I took her home and gave her one of those tiny gourmet dog food containers meant for Pekes and Pomeranians, which she ate immediately. Then I went back to work.

Tonight she was still hungry enough for a couple of dog biscuits and a can of Mighty Dog. Yay! I'm a little worried about her eyes, though. They seem goopier than usual.

The DVD box set Doctor Who: The Complete Third Series came out today on DVD. I ordered it online to save money, and it only shipped today. I probably won't see it until Thursday. While waiting for it I've watched four episodes tonight of The Sarah Jane Adventures, the tail end of the first Ninth Doctor story, "Rose," tonight's episode of House, and the Tenth Doctor special "The Runaway Bride." And I've been reading a book about the Seventh Doctor. The Series Three soundtrack came out yesterday, but doesn't seem to have U.S. distribution except through science fiction specialty dealers. Grumble. But I want it! Now!

And I'm trying to learn something tricky at work under fairly immutable time constraints. Is it any wonder I haven't been getting any fiction writing in? One might almost guess I was trying to distract myself from certain stresses in my life with all this Doctor Who stuff, instead of adding to them by tackling one of these promised writing projects.

Ya think?


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Becky said...

I know you'll be looking out for do let me know when that new series (Torchwood) starts. And when they air the Christmas special. :-)