Sunday, November 11, 2007

Umm, well...

This is the part where I cobble together an entry because it's nearly 3 AM and inspiration hasn't hit yet. Hey, I'd like to be brilliant every night; I really would. But sometimes I have to settled for something less than that. Stick around, though, because sometimes these things get better as I go along.

I've accomplished a few things today, though:

1. I got ten hours of sleep, the benefit of which I'm losing rapidly as I styay up late tonight.

2. I replied to some comments as promised.

3. Okay, maybe it's not an accomplishment, exactly, but I finished watching the Doctor Who box set the first time through, all the episodes with the commentaries turned on and all the special features except the edited down versions of Doctor Who Confidential. I already have full length copies, thanks. Now I'm starting on the episode again, this time with the subtitles on and the commentaries off. I plan to pay particular attention to the music, the better to review the new soundtrack one of these days.

4. With a little prodding from Sara G., I worked on the Heirs opening scene tonight. I managed to cut 70 words from the first 300, rearrange the first two paragraphs, and change Bil and Jord's argument to be more dramatic - which added back about fifty words. I'm not sure it's better overall, but bits of it are. There's a lot of work to be done, and it's not easy for me to make major changes at this late date, let alone this late hour. But I'm trying!

5. I added to my "pumpkin anything" collection tonight with this purchase for tomorrow's post-Mass Coffee Hour. It's a "9 Pumpkin Cheese Pecan Streusel." I'm assuming the "9" is supposed to be the diameter in inches, not the number of pumpkins used in the recipe!

No, it really didn't get better, did it? But at least I got some fiction work in. I can feel good about that. sort of.


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Anonymous said...

your pumpkin anything looks yummy.