Thursday, November 15, 2007

Some Idea

Ideas I've considered for tonight's entry:
  • A poem involving the words "rhyme" and "time." Yecch. Didn't get past the first couplet. Lucky you! I can write decent doggerel from time to time, but you wouldn't have liked that particular _____.
  • Some brief, impromptu fiction. As if.
  • A sunset photo chosen more or less at random, taken this past Monday. All I've done is resize and sharpen lightly.
  • An announcement that I just broke an unsolicited promise to someone at work that I'd go to bed before 1 AM.
  • Some vague ramble about reading old Doctor Who books for the first time while I wait for more new stuff on tv, with reviews of a couple ten-year-old books. Illegal Alien (the Seventh Doctor tracks Cybermen during the Blitz) was particularly good.
  • My reaction to a one-second clip of the Tenth Doctor taking liberties with the Fifth Doctor's face in "Time Crash," part of the Children in Need charity special airing on the BBC this Friday night. It's written by Steven Moffat and I trust him, but the clip made me squirm.
  • I also wanted to urge you to vote for Doctor Who on the People's Choice Awards website, if you like Doctor Who, that is. If you don't like the current iteration of the series, then never mind.
  • Perhaps I should apologize for mentioning that show this often.
  • A full review of the new Murray Gold soundtrack. If I'd remembered this idea earlier I might actually have done it.
  • In lieu of the previous, a brief reflection on the difference between soundtrack music and songs, due to their different purposes, with mention of Velton Ray Bunch, John Williams and of course Murray Gold.
  • A report on what I did at lunchtime today. I drove all the way home, collected the dog, drove her to a McDonald's, bought lunch for myself and a double cheeseburger for her, drive home, threw the bun away and tore the burger up and put it in her dish. Tuffy didn't even eat all of THAT right away. But she did enjoy the car ride. I'm trying to get her to not be miserable whenever she's in the car, assuming she's going to the vet - which usually she is. John pointed out that she might think I take her to fun places and he takes her to scary places. I told him to take her somewhere fun over the weekend.
  • Notes on the turkey roll I cooked last night, which took about an hour longer than it should have. Tasted good, though - and yes, I ate rutabaga with it. Dry run for Thanksgiving, I guess!
  • An introduction to a Mickey Mouse Club serial I'll probably never see: Adventure in Dairyland. But I've got pictures now!
Huh. And I thought I had no ideas for tonight's entry! And now I've blown through them all. sort of. Good night!



Becky said...

ok I voted for Dr Who. But that was tough, because I like the other 2 choices too. I went through all the categories...there were some weird 3-somes to pick from. Not my first choices in many cases. Interesting.

JulieB said...

Please help someone who may be more sleep challenged than you at this point. (I did get the rewrites in, though!)

Where is that darn clip?

Karen Funk Blocher said...

I don't know, Julie. John's the one who tracks down such things. I imagine it's in a newsgroup somewhere, but it could be YouTube. Look for a Children in Need ad hosted by the Spice Girls. :P

Becky - yes, there were a number of categories in which I could not vote because there was nothing I'd seen or nothing I liked. Thanks for doing this!

bea said...

I don't get to watch the good Doctor anymore.. BooWhooo! I did in the old days, though. Anyway, I never made a turkey roll. What is it? And if you are interested in participating in my poll (including an experiment to help you find out if your dog is left or right pawed), please come by soon. I suppose if I stopped making so many videos, I might have time to write more...grin. Have a great week, Karen. bea