Thursday, May 17, 2007

Primarily Pink, and Playing Catch-Up

I spent three hours tonight catching up on reading just one blog, which shows you how far behind I was on it. I have at least two other blogs I need to do the same with, blogs of friends who both write and photograph well. But not tonight! I spent another two hours whittling away at my email (from 60+ down to 48 on this screen name alone), shopped, cooked and did a smidge of housework...and all right, yes, I watched some Doctor Who and part of The Muppet Movie.

It all adds up to another late night, though, and I'm tired now. So for tonight I'm going to fob you off with some more photos, and then tomorrow I'll make my Round Robin rounds. So. First up: pink adobe architecture. This is part of an upscale shopping center, the Mercado I think it's called. This particular building includes a gourmet chocolate shop, "Choc-alot. " Good stuff, but I've only allowed myself two purchases there, ever.

This is a fairly typical house in my neighborhood, and as pink as it gets in real life.

The cloud over Safeway at sunset tonight really was pink, but the raw photo wasn't very dramatic. So I darkened it.

Also outside Safeway, I photographed the driver of the next car over!

Tomorrow, Scalzi permitting: Weekend Assignment


Biby Cletus said...
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Gattina said...

Very nice pictures of your pink mercado !