Saturday, May 12, 2007

Peachy Sky - and Still More Books

First off, here are a few pictures of Friday's sunset. Saturday's sunset was surprisingly similar, but I didn't photograph it.

I often mess around with my sunset photos, adjusting the tone and boosting the saturation. Not this time. These two shots are just as the camera rendered them, except for resizing and a "sharpen lightly."


"I keep reading on your blog about all the books you've been buying lately," John said on Friday evening. "You can stop buying books now."

So naturally we went to Barnes and Noble an hour after that, and bought all this! My personal selections were the Doctor Who Magazine and the Novel and Short Story Writer's Market. Here it is May, and I hadn't gotten around to buying the latter, or renewing my access to Writer's Market Online, relying as I had on eventually hearing back from Tor. But now I have the tools to start approaching other publishers and, perhaps more crucially, agents. I'm not sure how relevant Writer's Market is any more, especially the dead tree version, given all the online resources available. Still, I find it a little comforting to have, and I will use it.

As for the actual writing, it's too soon to say that I'm back on track. But I have finally finished revising Chapter Two of An Adept in Mâvarin, and gone through the next two chapters as well. I made several smallish but significant changes to Chapter Two in particular, which help to set up the rest of Mages as well as making the trilogy more consistent.

Oh, and I'm on page 265 of The Ghost Brigades. More on that later.


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DesLily said...

I don't think I've ever gone in a bookstore and come out with "just ONE book!"