Friday, May 11, 2007

A Couple of Quick Pics

John Scalzi has postponed the Weekend Assignment by a day for entirely understandable reasons: 1) He just got home to his family after a three week book tour, and 2) today was his birthday. We must therefore cut him a bit of slack, and find something else to fill up a blog post on a Thursday night. Good thing I happened to take this picture today:

This fine Harris Hawk has been hanging around this ledge for the last couple of days at least. We think he or she is after a nest of baby mockingbirds, but so far the mockingbirds are holding the hawk at bay. Good for them! Unfortunately there's no good way to get close enough for a better photo, but I like the reflections in this one.

After all my going on about hardbacks last night, I bought The Ghost Brigades in mass market paperback anyway, just to avoid waiting for Amazon to ship a hardcover copy. I'll probably buy one of those, too, but in the meantime I get to read the novel.

Paul reminds me that despite all my recent mentions of Scalzi and his books, I haven't actually done a proper review of Old Man's War. I'm not doing it tonight, either. I planned to, but instead I watched way too much Doctor Who and started reading The Ghost Brigades, and I'm tired now. I'll get to it eventually.

Oh, and my other purchase at Borders tonight was yet another copy of A Wrinkle in Time. That makes seven, not counting the audio book and the DVD of the rather lousy tv adaptation. I bought this new edition because it has a new intro by someone whose name I should recognize and don't quite, and an rather lightweight interview with Madeleine L'Engle, and the text of her Newbery Medal acceptance speech. A light perusal turned up at least two typos, including a reference to author "Hug Lofting." Grr. A special edition of a classic book from a major publisher really should have fewer typos than the average Outpost entry before my next-morning chagrin edits. But I had to have it anyway.


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Astaryth said...

A Wrinkle in time (and the rest of that series) is one of my all time favorite books since I was a child. I still have the set of these books I got when I was in my teens. I had read them from the library, but my Mom got me a boxed set one year for Christmas... I've reread them many times!