Tuesday, May 15, 2007

B is For...

Your Monday Photo Shoot: Take a picture of something beginning with the letter "B".

You know I'm going to stick you with more pictures of Books, but I'll try to make it worth a look anyway. And I will show you a few other things as well.

Beatles Books

Bellairs Books

Bay Leaves, Basil

Box O' Books

Blue-eyed #5 Barbie, Bubble Cut Barbie

Bunson Bernie Kiddle

Breyer Horses

I'm on Chapter Six of my Mages edit, and will probably be there for a while. I've hit the first of the scene placeholders, two paragraphs plus a description in red of what is supposed to happen:

[Darsuma experiments with magic to try to find out what’s wrong. When she empties her backpack, Fayubi suggests that she resume wearing the mindclear necklace. It helps a little, for a while. Need some big impressive spell, and eventual destruction of the necklace.]

Uh-huh. Wish me luck with that one! I may just cut the scene completely.

Meanwhile, on the submission front, I've just about decided to give up on Tor for now, and move on to DAW. We'll see.



DesLily said...

great B pics!

I want to wish you more success with Daw then there's been with Tor!! Someone is outthere for ya Karen.. just gotta find them!

Paul said...

I'm pretty sure I have a copy of A Spaniard In The Works somewhere, although it's been years since I've even seen it, much less read it.