Monday, April 16, 2007

Blogging and taxes - and a pipe organ

Unbelievable. After over two years of not missing a single night in blogging, either here or at my old blog, Musings from Mâvarin (I don't count the night in New Mexico a year ago, when I did battle with the phone line all night, and finally managed to post at dawn), I just plain forgot to post a blog entry last night.

I was doing taxes on the older laptop, because there was no way to load the software on the newer one. This meant copying things onto that external hard drive I bought recently, shutting down, plugging everything into the old laptop, loading TurboTax, and, because I needed to print something, installing the software for my printer-scanner as well. When, after all that, I was stuck for a vehicle registration, I just went to bed. Unbelievable, I say again. I must have been very tired.

A nice email turned up this morning from an organist at Organ Stop Pizza, where I celebrated my birthday last month.

Hi, Karen,

I work at The Organ Stop and the organist that played all the songs for you is Charlie Balogh. The Beer Barrel Polka and Star Wars gave it away. Charlie always plays those songs.

Just to let you know. The organ has 6000 pipes. Biggest organ yet that I've gotten to play. It is an honor not only to work at the Organ Stop but also with Charlie. He definitely is one-of-a-kind.

Now, Ironically enough I was there that night you were there. We (the Valley Of The Sun, organ society and staff) just upgraded the organ itself this weekend. We put all neon stop tabs (the tabs that go around the keys ) so that they will "glow" with the black light.

We really do hope you had a happy birthday, even if Charlie DID add 9 years to you.

Please, come back and visit soon!

John Baker
Organ Stop Pizza.

Why, yes I did have a good time! Thanks!


P.S. Hey! Organ Stop has a Wikipedia entry! (Why am I surprised?)

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Anonymous said...

I'm trying to finish my taxes as well - and get up a blog entry for today. Oh, and trying to goad a client into paying up. I don't wanna have to get a job outside of the house. Really, I don't. But I'm getting very tired of not getting paid on time.

Sorry. I shouldn't be ranting. I hate Mondays.