Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Round Robin Themes and Variants

Flower Power / Signs

The Round Robin Photo Challenges are two years old this month, so we thought we'd have an Anniversary Challenge: "Best of Round Robin Photo Challenges". The idea is to pick a past challenge and do it for this time.

I almost never plan these things ahead of time, so it was yesterday, or maybe this morning, that I had my first idea for this challenge - a totally insane idea. As the co-founder of the RRPC, I didn't want to pick just one of the 48 previous challenges, every one of which I did the first time around. No, I wanted to make a grand gesture. I wanted to do all of them again, all in one night!

Well, okay. I'm not quite that obsessive. I'm not going to stay up all night and post 48 photos in this entry. But on the other hand, there is quite a bit of overlap in the Challenge topics, with a number of recurring themes, and enough room for interpretation that a single photo may well be suitable for several topics. Still not quite sure what I was going to do with the results, I pushed around the Challenge topics for an hour or two, reorganizing and reformatting as I went, until I ended up with the following (only without the pictures):


Silly Animals/ The Animal Inside:
Tuffy just buried yet another dog biscuit

Who I am In Black & White, Secrets, Past Vs. Present,
Holy, Free, Personal Challenge

Who I am In Black & White / Secrets / Past Vs. Present / Holy
Ash Wednesday, thinking of what happened long ago

Construction, Mysterious Doorways,
Signs, Transportation, Dream Homes

Mysterious Doorways / Dream Homes:
Even my front door can be dreamy and

mysterious if I put it through enough filters

Visual Arts
Reflections, Red, Obstruction, Wabi-Sabi,
The Creative Side Of You!, Macro

Red / Reflections (also In the Kitchen)
The little vintage barbecue tray reflects the large one

Summer, Halloween Happenings, Summer Gardens,
ABCs of Autumn, Lights Of The Holidays

Summer / Summer Gardens
Palm tree near my office

Clichés, Labor, Heroes, Super Model,
The Hand...Untouched!

Clichés, Heroes, Super Model, The Hand...Untouched!
My hero, the Doctor ("Doctor who?" Jackie asks) and my untouched hand

A Special Part Of Your Hometown, Tacky Hometown Souvenirs,
Oasis, Village, Laisser le Bon Temps Rouler (Let The Good Times Roll),
Americana, Ye Ole Watering Hole, In the Kitchen!

A Special Part Of Your Hometown / Tacky Hometown Souvenirs
Souvenirs of the late, great Toros

Moods, Emotions, Very Scary, Nostalgia,
What You Are Thankful For, Magic

Magic / Nostalgia / Emotions
Dragon, college texts, childhood snowman, fantasy novels

Okay, I didn't cover all 48, but at almost 3 AM, I think I've given the topic pretty good coverage! Happy Anniversary, Robins!


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Carly said...

Hi Karen :)

I LOVE how you approached this challenge. Truly inspired, and I really like your takes on the individual subjects. Excellent as always darlin!

Always, Carly

kmm said...

Hi Karen, Did you and Carly ever imagine that there would be a 2 year anniversary and that you would attract people from all over. Congratulations to you both on a terrific photo challenge. I always enjoy participating and seeing everyones slant on the subject. Yours are always so interesting. Nice to see all the challenges I missed on your page Cheers kerrin

Tammie Jean said...

Hi Karen! And nice to meet you :) What a great collection of photos you posted! I love the different interpretations of the themes, as well as the overlaps. I particularly like the b&w photo of you, and the photo of Tuffy :)

Tammy said...

Karen, thank you for your dedication to this site. This was a wonderful post that showcases the coolness of RRPC.

MariesImages said...

I think you pretty much covered them all. Tuffy has a cute expression. Great job on the whole entry, well worth staying up all hours...What a trooper!

Steven said...

I like how you grouped the various themes and challenges. Sorta unites the themes from a diverse bunch of folks. It's been fun.

julie said...

Wow, that represents a lot of work. I am impressed!

Suzanne R said...

Wow, you certainly did cover the listed RRPC topics beautifully! And I couldn't do anything that well-organized at 3 in the morning!