Thursday, April 26, 2007

Back Burners

I'm backed up tonight. I owe emails to several of you, an overdue birthday gift to my own brother, and another one to a friend whose birthday started a couple of hours ago. I have new fiction files from two friends to read, and I must, must, must sleep, and I mean in the next five minutes if possible.

A friend mentioned in an email today (one of the ones to whom I owe replies!) that logging in to comment here hasn't been working for her this week. Is anyone else having trouble with this? If you do, please feel free to email me. Then you, too, can be on my list of people to whom I owe emails! Seriously, though, I suspect it has something to do with the changeover to Google accounts (with for example or at the end rather than a naked login name), but I'm just guessing. If you're still using the old style login, that may be the problem.

I did write a little piece of the follow-up to the fire scene tonight, and read another scene from my friend's novel, and did a little work on chapters Two and Eight of An Adept in Mâvarin, the first volume of Mages. I'll get to the emails tomorrow, I hope, and if Scalzi picked something good, I'll have a nice Weekend Assignment entry for you. But for tonight, here's some photo or other, and enough words so I can say that I posted. Good night!


julie said...

Here's a shot at comments.

I've noticed Blogger recognizes my Google ID as of late, but unless I have Blogger there's no real profile information when you click on my name. So how do I link back to my site/blog without signing in as "other?"

Shouldn't ponder such weighty thoughts on no coffee!

Julie said...

Oh, I should leave a comment with my Google ID to see if this is working for you, shouldn't I? Use your handy-dandy delete button on this if you wish. It won't hurt me ... too much ;-)

DesLily said...

seems to be working for me.. google/blogger drives me nuts! you click "remember me" and yet you have to write out your login and password every time you go there!! I hate it! ..sheesh.. and to have to write out your whole email addy as ID !! gimme a break!