Sunday, April 29, 2007

Emergency Temporal Shift

The Doctor faces death by Dalek

I'm having one of my periodic crashes when the brain and body refuse to be taken for granted any longer, and there's nothing I can do except go to bed. I should have gone an hour ago, but I was listening to the streaming commentary for Evolution of the Daleks, the Doctor Who episode that aired in the U.K. today. It was excellent. I've watched it several times, the last time with the sound turned down a bit and my eyes closed half the time. I'm that tired.

After my usual Friday night all-nighter, you see, John woke me several hours earlier than the schedule I'd counted on. He was pulling broken tiles off the master bathroom wall, over by the shower, so as not to lose too much time waiting for me to get up. Along the way he found damaged plaster and lots of newly-exposed mold. That and the wind outside today sent my allergies into the red zone, another reason I'm dragging. I pulled a towel over my nose as a filter and took a nap this evening, but it wasn't enough. So for tonight I'm shifting my bedtime back to, oh, about five minutes from now.

"Do it!" The Doctor asks to be exterminated

I did do some minimal work on Revolutions, though, on the beginning of the scene in which Temet approach the burning village. I should be able to get more done tomorrow, after I've slept. Maybe I'll also be ready by then to write coherently about Evolution of the Daleks - particularly the Doctor's despairing apparently suicidal behavior.


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julie said...

We've got the bathroom thing going on as well. Paul has been redoing the floor in the shower. It was either that or rip everything out and start over. Ker-ching. At least he's finished with the Fiberglas stuff. That was the pits! Hope your allergies are getting better.