Saturday, April 28, 2007

Make Him Talk!

King JorI posted the next bit of the King Jor and Fayubi scene on the fiction blog tonight. It's a reasonably long chunk, about two pages from the first chapter of The Mâvarin Revolutions. There remains less than a page before we get to the end of what I've typed to this point. It's not the end of the sequence, but it's probably end of the scene. Well, maybe not. I've got another two handwritten pages I can put in. But there are two problems with that. For one thing, I wanted to use those pages to seed another whole scene, break up this important bit of setup into two or three sections with other stuff in between. For another, well, I must say that dear old King Jor is being rather uncooperative at the moment. So is his wife, the evil Queen Lormarte. (This is the otherworld King Jor, remember, not the one we see in Heirs and Mages.)

In the bit I haven't typed yet, Jor's son Prince Carmi arrives in Jor's apartment, and mentions having seen his sister go out to the royal stable. Jor then says something that is rather intriguing, but basically unhelpful:

"So Cathla has fled the Palace. That complicates things. Hmm. There's an idea."

Two people ask Jor to state what the idea is, but the King wants to wait for more witnesses arrive first. Fayubi doesn't like the feverish light in the dying king's eyes. The next paragraph starts with the name of the second in command among the Palace Guard -and that's all. Aside from what's already typed up, that's all I've written of the sequence.

I have no memory whatsoever of what King Jor's idea is. It's even possible that I never knew at all. I don't really know why Lieutenant Govan has suddenly turned up, and have no immediate thoughts on where to take those two characters from there, especially in the short turn.

Worse, I don't know yet what Lormarte is going to do about this impromptu gathering at Jor's deathbed. Sara and I have been discussing the possibility of a raven attack, but I'm not sure that's where the sequence needs to go.

Well, maybe I'll figure it out tomorrow, after I've slept the morning away. Good night!


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