Thursday, April 05, 2007

Wasted Night

I left work tonight a few seconds before sunset.

I tell you, it's not my fault this time. My darn laptop, which chugs away a lot of the time for no discernible reason (no spyware found, but it could easily be MS Office or AOL or Norton using the resources), decided several hours ago that it wasn't going to display any AOL windows, or close my photo editing software, or display properties, or, you know, do anything. So I shut the programs down one by one, ended several processes, and eventually got SystemWorks to schedule a repair (actually a CHK DISK or whatever it's called) on the next start up.

Two hours later, give or take, Windows actually started up again. I mean, literally, it took about two hours for the computer to run the maintenance and repair program. Ugh.

Then I spent another 20 minutes just trying to restore my Firefox session. And then I discovered that the Eventful calendar items I added before the computer went on strike refused to show up on the Round Robin calendar. So I re-added one of them, making darn sure it was created to be part of that calendar. It did no good at all. I just added a second copy of an event that still doesn't show up on the sidebar. Grrr.

Consequently it's almost 1 AM now, and all I've done tonight is do battle with the computer, edit the pictures for last night's entry a little more, and watch Doctor Who while the blue screen on the laptop made its ridiculously slow way through 100 percentage points, five times.

Pre-sunset sky from the second floor.
I've boosted the saturation in a big way.

I'd like to get some writing in, but I must, must, must sleep. So I will. Now.

Maundy Thursday is tomorrow evening, so I've got church. But watch for a fun announcement when I get home. In the meantime.... zzzzzzzzzzz.



Carly said...

Hey Karen

Have you had a chance to get an external drive to keep some of your larger programs on? It would take a big load off your main drive and give you some space. Things could run faster as well. Just a thought.

deslily said...

great pics Karen...

man.. I hate when the computer gives me problems! I'd rather go to a dentist!.. well.. maybe.