Sunday, March 11, 2007

The Wrong Battle

It took us a couple of hours and a new wireless card to overcome the hurdles of getting online tonight, and then I foolishly spent some time clearing part of my backlog of email. I should have concentrated on the photo editing - I took over 260 pictures today! No time now to explain it all. Let me give you a sample of the photos I've edited so far, and just a few words about what we did.

Hmm. Maybe I won't upload any photos tonight. That seems to be Blogger's opinion of the matter, anyway.

Ah. Norton kicked me off the wireless connection. I'm down to a 20% signal, even after dialing Norton again.

Anyway, we got off to a slow start out of Tucson this morning, and were too late for the first battle reenactment of the day at Picacho Peak. The second one was at 1:30, the third at 3 PM or something like that. So we caught the second one. While we were waiting we walked (and walked!) around, taking in the sights and giving both cameras a workout. John hasn't downloaded his yet.

Now the weird thing about the battle we saw today was that it wasn't the Battle of Picacho Pass. It was the Battle of Glorieta Pass, and no, I don't know where that is. The morning reenactment that we missed was the Battle of Valverde. I guess they figure that as long as everyone's there with their guns and uniforms, they may as well do a couple of different battles, whether it suits the setting or not.

After several attempts, three of the photos have supposedly uploaded, but remain invisible. Drat.

I accidentally left my directions and addresses and travel tips and confirmations on the printer at home, but Priest Dr. happened to be just outside IKEA as well as outside the door of the Fiesta Inn Resort. We had a straight shot to get there--sort of. The signs directed us onto a road with an entirely different name, which runs through the semi-barrio town of Guadalupe, where some Pascua Yaquis live. Then it because Tempe again, and Priest again. Odd, that.

Tonight we went to Organ Stop Pizza. It was impressive. Their Wurlitzer has about 6000 pipes, according to a waitress there. The Aeolian Skinner organ at St. Michael's, which is darn big, has only 2300 pipes or something like that, so this was almost three times as many! The organ also operated drums and drum machines, an accordion, bells, sound effects, lights, an America flag, and the organ console itself, which rotated, rose up at the beginning of a set and sank from view at the end.

The organist (who read out my birthday greeting and gave my age as 59!) played college fight songs, a patriotic medley, Beer Barrel Polka, When Irish Eyes Are Smiling, The Impossible Dream, Under the Sea, a Spike Jonesy rendition of Happy Birthday to You, If I Were a Rich Man and the entire Star Wars Suite. Can't say he doesn't have range!

Next: Da Train.


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