Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Who Needs Sticks and Stones?

Two hours ago, I was about to write up a brief, lighthearted meme entry involving books, and then go the heck to bed, because I'm tired and I do better at work when I get more than six hours of sleep.

Then I found out that something I said in another venue three weeks ago was just discovered by someone, and hurt his feelings.

I didn't call him names, or say anything all that terrible, but others did, and my defense of him was weak at best. I was frustrated with the guy myself - not as much as with someone else in the same ongoing conflict, but definitely frustrated, and it showed. I accused him of "a little bit of bias," and said that something he had done was "deeply foolish." Yes, that's as harsh as I got, but that's bad enough.

So I posted an initial reaction to his revelation that "foul comments" had been made, and that I had been involved. I didn't know what specifically I'd said, but I apologized anyway. Then I went back and read what I wrote back in July, stewed a bit, and wrote a much longer and more detailed apology.

Now I'm going to bed. Maybe now that that apology has been issued, and I'd vented here, I won't lie awake brooding or crying. But don't count on it.


Update: I've heard back from the person to whom I apologized, just a few minutes after I posted it. He told me not to fret, and said nothing but nice things to me. So now I'm glad that I got in touch with him immediately, and didn't brood overnight. I feel better now. Good night!

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1 comment:

Bea said...

Sometimes it's hard to apologize, but usually when we do, it is accepted... forgiveness always feels good. Glad you got that done before you went to bed! bea