Friday, August 11, 2006

This Sunset Was Postponed

It's time to ooh at ahh at yet another Tucson sunset...

Another Safeway sunset, take two

Another Safeway sunset, take six

Golf Links and Wilmot

These sunset photos were all taken on Thursday, August 3rd. Thursday is a Weekend Assignment night, so the pictures got "bumped," except for one that I posted the following night. I'd edited a few of them, but mostly I left the raw photos on my hard drive to deal with later. That reminds me: I need to clear some unedited photos onto CDs before I run out of hard drive!

crossing Golf Links and Wilmot

I'm actually writing this on Wednesday the 9th. I'd hoped to sneak three of these shots into the Wednesday night entry, but I would have had eight or nine photos altogether. After Tuesday night's seven photos, another eight or nine would be a killer to anyone like me who is still on dial-up. So this entry gets the blue "Save as Draft" button. Maybe I'll use it on Friday. [Yup! Friday.]

From my front yard.


I'm currently (Friday evening) half-watching a few early episodes of Farscape. See, my interest in Route 66 led me to working on the Martin Milner entry on Wikipedia. (This was a little over two months ago.) That naturally led me to the article on Milner's other major series, Adam-12, which in turn led me to check out the entry on that cop show's other star, Kent McCord. Today I looked at that article again. It's a "stub," which means that it's too short to be a proper article. Anyway, I noticed that it didn't even have a picture of the actor, much less an "infobox" with his vital statistics. "I can do something about that," I thought. So I got John to dig me up the Farscape DVDs. See, 30 years after Adam-12, Kent McCord was on Farscape. He was great as John Crichton's astronaut father - and as an alien who chose to look like Crichton's father. I grabbed some screen captures of John's dad from the premiere episode, chose one for the Wikipedia article, and uploaded it. Then I just...kept watching Farscape, until I ran out of episodes on that disc.

Ooh, I'm posting early! Maybe I can get some work in on Chapter Two of Mages of Mâvarin tonight. I'm quite enthusiastic about it again, having just add some nice little bits for two characters who needed further development. One of my beta readers had good things to say about Chapter One last night, so I'm psyched. Besides, if Tor buys Heirs of Mâvarin, I'll need to have the sequel ready as soon as possible. Hey, it could happen! In less than two weeks, the publisher will have had my submission for six months. Do you suppose they've opened the envelope by now?


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