Saturday, August 05, 2006

Books Books Books Books Books

Or, One Book, Two Books, Old Books, New Books!

I found my Dogs Dogs Dogs Dogs Dogs book tonight, looking, at John's suggestion, on the shelves next to the bed. I couldn't have looked there last night, because John was already asleep in the bedroom when my search began.

It's every bit the way I remember it, chock full of tail-wagging doggie goodness, barely protected by a loose book cover with no spine. I asked John about repairing it, but although he learned about book binding many years ago when he worked at Morse Road Public Library in Columbus, he doesn't have the materials. "Something like that, we would have sent off to be rebound," he told me. That's not an available option for me, so I guess I'll just have to handle my poor, damaged book carefully instead.

That's just one of the books vieing for my attention right now. We went to B&N tonight, and came back with the latest of volume of The Complete Peanuts reprints, plus the new McCaffrey Pern book. Todd McCaffrey's been co-author (with his mother Anne) of two of the last three Pern titles, and wrote the one in between by himself. I like them fine, but like all the books in the series that don't take place in the time of F'lar, Lessa, Mennolly and Robinton, I have trouble remembering any of the characters from one book to the next. I could refresh my memory by rereading, but that seems like too much time to devote to this. Maybe I'll look up the plots of the other titles on Wikipedia or something - or just reread the dust jackets!

Being pretty much incapable of leaving a new Pern book unread for more than five minutes, I've already gotten through about fifty pages of Dragon's Fire. I won't pull an all-nighter reading it, though. Not this time. I'm way too tired for that, and I'm giving blood at noon on Saturday so I can't do my usual sleep-until-3PM lie-ins.

In the photo above, the book with the spaniel on the cover is my old Dogs Dogs... book, of course. The paperback of A Wrinkle in Time is one of my many copies of the book, a reading copy. I've read Wrinkle so many times that there's no urgency to get through it again. I started in on it again about a week ago,after unaccountably losing my reading copy paperback of a later L'Engle book, A House Like a Lotus, somewhere between my office and my bathroom.

And of course there's my own second novel to resume editing, and a story I promised to read by a certain talented blogger, and Jace and Sandy to catch up with. And I'm starting to get a little antsy about my three chapters and synopsis for Heirs, which have been at Tor for neary 5 1/2 months now. Okay, 5 1/3. It's almost time to research the best way to contact the publisher and say, "Excuse, me, but is my submission somewhere in the pipeline, still unopened, or lost in the mail?"

I was too busy with dogs to give you any rain or sunset photos in my previous entry. Here's one I took in Thursday night. I did not boost the saturation on this one, but I did do an autocorrect and then lighten it a bit.

Speaking of dogs, Tuffy was especially affectionate today. You don't suppose she read what I write about her last night, do you? ... Nah!

Good night!


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DesLily said...

ahhh thanks for the reminder that the new Pern book is out! I noted somewhere that it was due out this month but haven't gone back to Amazon to see the release date.. guess I have to go to the book store again!!...

And to be honest... nothing will come close to the Lessa/Flar/ Robinton series!! sigh.

Paul said...

You know, I have never read a single one of the Pern books.

Bea said...

I remember F'lar and Lessa and the others you mentioned from McAffrey's earlier dragon books (Dragonflight, Dragonquest, and the White Dragon). I fell in love with the whole dragon evolution and their battle with thread. Actually, they are the only fantasy books I've read that featured dragons. I'd have to go back and reread them too to recall the details. I haven't read any of her books since then, and haven't read any by her son. So much to read, and so little time!

Becky said...

Good golly...she is still writing those, eh? I read a whole slew of Pern books in the later years of high school and haven't revisited the series. It's on a never ending list of "books I should re-read so I can catch up with the newer volumes in the series."