Thursday, August 03, 2006

Another Evening Shot to Heck

It's been a Disney evening for me. I foolishly watched a couple of Zorro episodes, mostly trying to get a screen capture of Henry Calvin as Sergeant Garcia. He doesn't have a Wikipedia entry, and like Moochie, I think he deserves one. He played one of my favorite characters on Zorro, a very different character in Toby Tyler (which also lacks an entry), and had a great voice. I'll need to do the research first, but I'm sure I can write a decent entry for him. But first I need to get a good picture - better than this one, anyway. It's an odd thing, but some DVDs have a screen capture button on WinDVD, and some don't. I did a bunch of captures from Disc one of Zorro, but the function is disabled on Disc two. My theory is that it depends on the amount of compression they use to fit everything on a particular DVD. There was a particular scene I was looking for, about chasing "a Fox through the rocks," but I guess I'll have to choose something earlier in the series. But not tonight!

Even more foolishly, I've been watching the first Spin and Marty serial. I didn't like this series as a kid, with its all-boy cast being mean to each other. At least, that was how I saw it back then. (I watched it anyway, though.) Yes, you could say I was way oversensitive in those days about kids who couldn't get along with other kids. But I saw these again in the late 1990s on Vault Disney, and they really grew on me. Now we have the first serial on DVD. The screen capture button doesn't work on either disc, so I did a Windows screen shot and cropped it instead.

Along the way, I've made minor changes to the Mickey Mouse Club, Annette Funicello and (incongruously) Route 66 (the road) entries on WP.

Now it's late - again! - and I have a dentist appointment first thing in the morning. I'd better get my shower and go to bed.


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DesLily said...

Awwwwwww... how can i not comment when you have the pic of David Stollery!! I loved the series back then and was happy as all get out to be able to meet David (Marty) and Tim (spin) at a show in CA.. I did a post back when I first began my journal (actually 2).. on post mentions spin and marty.. the other has photos of them "then and now".. (which was about 7 yrs ago).. here's links to check them out if you want to..

Becky said...

You think getting photos of old Disney actors is hard. Try searching for a photo of an old blender circa 1979. I spent HOURS last night trying to find a shot I could recycle into an entry I was thinking about. LOL!! said...

FYI- I clicked on the Annette Funicello hyperlink-do you know that your edit buttons are active to others?
just thought you may need to know this