Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Round Robin: Transportation of What?

Hi, folks! This week's Round Robin Photo Challenge topic, "Transportation," comes from Robin, of the blog These are the Days of our Lives.... So here's my entry, with a bit of a cheat: it features special guest photographer JBlocher, better known as John.

I took this picture. No, really! I did!

Although I loved this topic idea, I had no firm plans about what specifically this entry would be about - until I stepped outside this morning. That's when I saw a vehicle I hadn't considered at all: a yellow crane. A neighbor across the street and around the bend was having a tree removed, and apparently needed heavy equipment to do it. I had to get some pictures!

But wait: is a crane a form of transportation? Well, it was used to transport a tree, wasn't it? It also carried its driver to my neighborhood and back. You do know I can never do a straightfoward interpretation of one of these challenges, don't you? All right, then.

I fished out my camera - I thought I'd forgotten to grab it, but there it was in my purse - and started taking pictures. Unfortunately, the more photos I took, the more it became clear the crane was done lifting things, at least for the moment. I was therefore surprised and pleased to zoom in on a few of the early shots tonight, and discover that they showed the tree being lifted after all.

Half an hour later, John said: "Did you find the pictures I took this morning?" Oh. Well, it's good that John got the "money shot," since I didn't!

And here's another unusual form of transportation:

Written across the top:
The Gift of Life only comes in one color.
American Red Cross 1-800-GIVE-LIFE

The bloodmobile came to our building today. A week ago Saturday I was unable to donate because my iron level was "37," whatever that means, so I signed up to try again at the office today. In between, I ate a lot of beef and a fair amount of Cream of Wheat to get my iron up. Iron supplements don't cut it: there's a family history of hemochromatosis (which causes the buildup of iron), and I know from experience that I don't tolerate pills with iron very well. So I avoid such things - too much, apparently. I probably don't have the stupid condition at all, just a stomach that doesn't like aspirin and mineral tablets. Potassium pills make me sick, too.

So anyway, I got a couple of pictures of the bloodmobile from the second floor window, went downstairs, checked in and came outside. Here's the other side of the bloodmobile. So, is this transportation? After all, it mostly just sits in parking lots all day. Ah, but in the morning it presumably carries at least some of those Red Cross nurses to the donor site. And at the end of the session, it's used to transport all that donated blood where it needs to go next.

And here's the entr--no. That's the exit! Oops! Enter through the back, remember?

Guess what? My iron was still only 37! I'll have to try harder to fix that. I did have an interesting moment before the bad news, though, reading one of the empty bags. Did you know that blood is by prescription only? Heck, who would want to go down to Walgreen's and buy some? Well, yes, Carly, vampires, but who else?

Now go see what the other Robins are coming up with on this Challenge. As always, you're welcome to join in on the fun. Click here for details!


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Carly said...

"Who would want to go down to Walgreens for blood?" Hmmm...Spike maybe? LOL. When I first saw the bus I thought The Partridge Family had come to down, on their way to ALBUQUERQUE. LOL. OMG...how OLD am I? LOL Cool entry!

Gaboatman said...

Thanks to John for getting the "money" shot, LOL! Good interpretation on this assignment; both forms of transportation out of the mainstream and very interesting. Now, let's get to work on that iron deficiency.

DesLily said...

yep the crane is surely a from of transportation! Great pic of the tree being lifted! wow!

I'm posted btw..


Becky said...

LOL at the Partridge Family comment. I thought the same thing. That vehicle sure doesn't scream BLOOD MOBILE at me. It's more like "FOLLOW ME TO THE RODEO". Maybe they are gonna round em up some blood. Yeeha! ;-)

julie said...

That's quite a fancy bloodmobile! The one our local blood center uses is a sky blue with their logo. I like this one - very eye-catching. And why do I now have this vision of going to the drive-through pharmacy and asking for a pint of blood to go? ;-)

Suzanne R said...

Great shots that John got of the tree, and you took of the bloodmobile! I feel like a vampire these days, but it's because of a little kitten keeping me awake -- maybe I could use a bit of extra Rx blood! LOL!

boliyou said...

The crane was a great take on the prompt. I confess, though, the bloodmobile really caught my eye.

Gannet Girl said...

Great entry! If my boys were still four, I would have thought immediately of a crane or some other form of construction vehicle -- I used to take the kids to watch them in order to get a few minutes of peace and quiet. And I love that blood mobile!

Betty said...

I love seeing and reading your entries!!!

Dorn said...

Wonderful shots.
I got such a chuckle out of your entry because my husband and I have done the same thing before. He called me from work on day after having kidnapped my camera and told me to meet him at the club so I could get some pictures of the Budweiser wagon team. I got there when it was already getting dark and shot some pictures, which miraculously brightened up clear as day when I downloaded them. It was confusing because he and I took many of the exact same shots and I had no clue at first.

MariesImages said...

Thats some ride!!! Love the design & great color images.

John Darrow said...

Nice twist on the theme, lady! Love that tree thing.

kmm said...

What a great blood mobile. I've only ever seen boring ones before. Love the pic of the crane. Thankyou for your warm welcome

Celeste said...

Love these!
P.s i am posted.